If You Had Given Us the Money When We Asked, We Wouldn’t Have Been Forced to Beat You Up For It

Sarah Palin lies about “drill, baby, drill” [Media Matters]

Google matches for “sarah palin energy conservation”: 97,000

Google matches for “sarah palin drilling”: 1,130,000

Not quite fair, but I don’t have time to research the record more thoroughly right now.

So, oil spills in shallow water are better than oil spills in the depths of the ocean? I think I’m following you, TeamSarPac.

So who bought her the PC for 5-year-olds from VTech?

@IanJ: I try not to track every damn thing she does, but she just keeps topping herself.

She’s like a teenage boy who wraps his car around a lamppost by trying to drive too fast around a bend, then blames his dad for buying him all season radials instead of the ultra-high performance summer tires he really wanted.

The Ixtoc I well that blew out in the Gulf in 1979 was in about 160 feet of water. The Santa Barbara well that blew out in 1969 was in about 150 feet of water. Pesky things, those facts.

What the *fuck* is up with the teabaggers and drilling in ANWR? You’d think that White Jeebus had personally appeared to each of them and commanded them to despoil the wilderness on pain of death and/or catching teh ghey.

Not that I’m entirely opposed to it – if the oil companies want to build all the infrastructure to get there and clean up their mess. Unfortunately, what they *want* is for the government to build all the infrastructure, subsidize exploration and then act as a backstop in case of an accident while they collect all the profits and pay FreedomWorks to whine about socialism. “Free enterprise” my ass.

Her Dunning-Kruger is showing. Don’t you love her triumphant, exultant cry of victory, when all she’s doing is being dumb?

What’s the over/under on Talibunny tweeting “Nuke, Baby, Nuke” tomorrow?

hoo HOO ! did ya see keef O talking about this last night?
opens with, “lady, you are an idiot”
then he gets insulting.

will not voluntarily look at oily creatures.
how about the 8 fishing boats that went out sickening all of the crews with oil and oil disbursement chemicals. 8 boats of salty dogs all sick from the smell of oil “you could taste”
BP says, “it could have been food poisoning”
i love the smell of righteous lawsuits in the morning.

@baked: Yes, I caught tight-shirted Anderson interviewing tight-shirted Sanjay about this in the morning here. Gupta just about bust a gut when AC asked if it was “medically plausible” that workers in entirely different locations could have come down with food poisoning.

When some of my fellow gheyz from Atlanta went down to Pensacola this past Memorial Day (it’s a thing every year for the fagelehs from the southeast to go there to cause God to create natural disasters), all they heard was that every thing was fine — until on May 31 they all started breathing in oil fumes and hightailed it back home to Southeastern Sodom.

So, the oil spill might have had a plus for Talibunny and fellow travelers: sickening the cause of God’s wrath.

@Dodgerblue: With the Mexican border, East Germany, praps.

@rptrcub: Whats the matter with Fort Walton Beach, too slummy for the fegelahs? They got a Hogs Breath Saloon there, and all those Alabama sorority girls, they were going wild for many years before Girls Gone Wild came around and started filming the festivities.

@Prommie: We’d never be caught in that kind of scene, though those drunk frat boys can pose opportunities.

I also assume that the fact that there is a gay, nudist beach near Pensacola also has to do something with it.

@rptrcub: You’d think there were gheys in the military, the way there is always a cruisy nude beach near every big military town.

OT, but I am so bored at work, that I have decided to pluck my beard, one whisker at a time (hey, I have the time), so I won’t have to shave ever again. Has anyone else ever tried this?

@Prommie: You been to the national park beaches at Fort Pickens? Nothing like them in the winter months.

@Prommie: It’s not gay if you don’t kiss.

You notice that she thinks “onshore” means “on land?” Ya gotta love the revisionist history. Stalin who? I wasn’t talking about drilling for oil, I was talking about dentistry, yeah, thats the ticket, drilling out cavities.

@rptrcub: I like how they describe her as the “man-happy” character from that show, as if “slutty shlong-gobbler” (channeling my inner Chainsaw) were too, well, descriptive for a gal of a certain age.

Speaking of show stoppers, it’s Bollywood Nights! outside my apartment building right now. I literally can’t leave my building without (a) bumping into someone flashy and (b) shoving eight kinds of identification at the jackboots guarding the entrances to the major hotel that is suddenly a major inconvenience to me.

Don’t expect to hear from Nojo or Benedick for a few days; I’ve made up the guest room for them.

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