Good Fences Make Fun Editorials

“Fences have been known to make good neighbors and everybody knows we could use a lot more of those around here. So if the fence keeps McGinniss on one side and the Palins content, why would the ‘Today’ show or ABC care? Finally, those who are fond of Joe McGinniss might remind him (if he doesn’t already know) that Alaska has a law that allows the use of deadly force in protection of life and property.” [Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman, via Political Wire]


I thought true-blue conservatards like the Talibunny Clan didn’t believe in privacy rights. Guess it’s only *other* people’s privacy they disagree with. :)

That’s what makes conservatards so special.

@al2o3cr: Other people’s rights are very different from my rights. Duh. Particularly if their rights in any way impede my rights.

@IanJ: That goes to the crux of the true Paultards’ libertarian dystopia.

See, Ron has said he believes anyone should be able to sue anyone for violation of their property rights. And at one time he implied that it could include pollution caused by you-know-who, whether it’s a benevolent job-creating, profit-making corporation spewing toxins into the air, water and soil; or just your average asshole neighbor dumping junk into the stream that passes through your property.

We all want tort reform, right? (see: Johnny Mill) but really, when Bubba takes a dump in your stream, what remediation / remuneration can possibly make up for the stench?

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