Stinque Recipe Challenge

Suprêmes de Volaille aux Champignons:

Got the beef stock going early – added a porcini soup cube to up the mushroom flavor.

Shallots, mushrooms, cream, butter, lemon juice, white pepper … and the beef stock that’s on the stove …

Sauce is simmering and mushrooms and shallots ready to go in ….

Everything is incorporated, so now just cook it down to where it coats the back of a spoon … whatever that means ….

Cooked chicken breast served over egg noodles with sauce … it was excellent. Slight change from the recipe – used a meat hammer to flatten the chicken breasts.  Tender and delicious – try it!


I recommend a tinner’s mallet from the hardware store instead of the typical metal meat hammer with spikes sold in kitchen stores for flattening chicken breasts.

@karen marie: I just have the standard one from Zabar’s – works pretty well.

And, may I say – the leftovers I just had for lunch were delicious. I like the chicken fricassee better, but this dish is very good.

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