Seventeen States Going Nazi, to Follow AZ in War on Melanin-Enhanced Americans

The neoconfederate, neonazi front group Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) announced this month that some 17 states are now filing versions of Arizona’s SB 1070 law which is designed to terrorize non-white Americans and give psychopathic racists an outlet for their depthless rage and hatred for the election of a melanin-enriched president.

The fascist dogs at ALIPAC have been inciting legislators in the most nazi-sympathetic states to file legislation to legalize the arbitrary arrest and terrorism of non-whites.

So far these agents of hate have reportedly provoked sympathetic responses to their satanic cause in Arkansas, Idaho, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas and Utah.

Please monitor the ALIPAC site to track the names of legislators who are sponsoring nazi laws and do make yourself available to offer each of them an extended urinary event on his or her fascist fucking face.

The forces of hate and rage are gearing up for this year’s Congressional elections and the presidential race of 2012. This kind of legislative push is a catalyst to draw the teabaggers, neonazis, neoconfederates and neomedievalists of the Republican party under one big banner of racialist fury. It will all be almost completely sponsored by industry, of course, through a series of 527 groups and ‘think tanks’ but the result will be exactly what the corporatist oligarchs desire: all America at each other’s throats while they savagely rape America’s collective ass for another 30 years.

Which leads us to the next question: who is funding the ALIPAC fucktards?


Teabaggers in town to support SB1070 by “buycott” are meeting at a stadium named for the Spanish word for devil. Perfect.

Well, I can see from the helpful link you provided that the fucktard in Idaho who is pushing this xenophobic Know Nothing crap is a Republican from Hayden Lake, home of the Aryan Nations. I like to say that the Aryan Nation scum of the earth come from out of state . Most of them are. I hate to think that their sympathizers are locals, but some of them are. By the same token, there were Austrians and Czechs who welcomed the Nazis. Time for another Green Death ((AKA Rainier Ale). (Disclaimer, I have ancestors who settled that area in the 1880s. I hope they’re twirling in their graves under the Rathdrum Prairie.)

who is funding the ALIPAC fucktards?

My guess would be Club for Growth.

extended urinary event: is that what happens when I relieve my morning in AmriKKKa wood?

@Mistress Cynica: I’d be interested to hear what the Chamber of Commerce says about targeting the cheap labor that supplies so much of the “economic growth” in our fine upstanding nation.

That fine upstanding nation that worships the rule of law when applied to the poor and downtrodden, but not so much for the wealthy and politically connected.

OK, I just bust out laughing ’cause the adbots just offered “Online Anger Management Classes.”

What, us? Angry? Grrr. Arrgh.

@Original Andrew: I’m not angry. OK, maybe, just a smidge.

But I wouldn’t avert my eyes to some vengeance. Or hate-fucking (as long as the object of such hate-fucking is the standard preppy 6′ square-jaw, preferably wearing a polo shirt and a hint of five-o-clock shadow. I couldn’t guarantee there wouldn’t be an extended urinary event.)

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