If You Can Hate It There, You’ll Hate It Anywhere

Fresh on the heels of a silly debate over building a mosque near the WTC site — because, of course, only Christians and Jews died in the towers that morning — comes an even sillier campaign of bus ads giving New Yorkers even more to bitch about:

The ads, sponsored by an organization called Stop the Islamization of America (SIOA), direct viewers to refugefromislam.com, a website designed “for people who are thinking of leaving Islam or are leaving Islam and need resources” to protect them from harm.

Practicing Muslims who find the ads offensive should “ignore it,” SIOA leader Pamela Geller told CNN. “It’s not directed to them.”

Fine, fine. And when we buy our LEAVE CHRISTIANITY BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE ads, we’re sure everyone will understand.

Ads on NYC buses target those wanting to leave Islam [CNN]

is that for real?

it totally looks like a joke.

if not I cant wait for the tv part of the campaign.

This is the classy lady who sought out Cindy Sheehan and posted for pictures of her surreptitiously giving Sheehan the finger.

Someone needs to brush up on their graphic design skills. This ad looks like it was thrown together by a clueless moron. Quite possibly, I realize, because it was thrown together by a clueless moron.

@IanJ: The rising (setting?) sun in the middle of the image is blinding me. The production values are terrible.

Though I must admit, “Fatwa on your head?” has a nice sing-songy pitch to it. I would have recommended “Fatwa got you down?” to seem more friendly, though.

@ManchuCandidate: Off topic: Hey Manchu, I’m doing a TV interview on CBC at 5 PM tonight, Left Coast of US time. On the Gulf oil spill. Should I wear a tie?

@Dodgerblue: Why are you asking Manchu for fashion advice? (No offense, Manchu). What are the Stinque Fashionistas, chopped liver?

@SanFranLefty: I found a tie amid the debris on my desk, so I’m golden. Eh?

@Dodgerblue: Aboot time. Is it a busy pattern? I believe you’ve been counseled about ties on TV by all of us.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Shot while robbing a liquor store, no doubt.

Sure is a slow goddam Rapture. I thought they all went up at once.

@SanFranLefty: Medium busy, red. I’m wearing a white shirt, but that can’t be helped. Well, it could be, but I don’t feel like changing clothes for a 2 minute spot that I was asked to do on 3 hours’ notice.

@SanFranLefty: Reasonable, thanks. I’m wearing cargo pants, but these things are usually just head shots.

@IanJ: Actually, that’s a pretty average photoshop disaster by public transportation ads’ standards, at least in Chicago. Transport ads are slightly below billboards in design hierarchy.

@Dodgerblue: Pants don’t matter unless you’re being filmed walking around – according to a J-school friend who interned at a local teevee station, the well-known 11pm news anchor would wear jeans or shorts behind the desk.

Meanwhile, Talibunny’s speaking fee at Cal State Stanislaus has been revealed to be $75 K plus expenses.

@flippin eck: Oh, I know. I’m not saying it’s surprising in any way, but it’s still gawdawful. These people are the same ones who, in 1997, would have had a home page with a zillion and a half animated GIFs, horrendous busy background images, and a list of links to similar design abortions.

@SanFranLefty: Well, my CBC speaking fee is exactly bupkis.

Hey, do you expect Canada City Taxpayers like me to pay for your interview???? The Mother corp is notoriously cheap anyway.

None taken. I’m a fashion tard.

BTW, I would have recommended a tie just so that you feed the impression that SoCal is casual or something.


Cybill Shepherd famously filmed every scene in which she was only visible from the waist up whilst wearing either jeans or shorts and tennis shoes, including her earlier work in which she was often dressed-to-the-nines in very glamorous blouses, jewelry and full make-up. The candid set photos must be hilarious.


Will CBC replay the interview on the 10:00 news?

OMGOMGOMG. Will you be on with Peter Mansbridge or Ian Itsamanthing?


They had George Strombolopolous Snuffleupagus interviewing Hillary Clinton the other night. Way to keep it real, CBC.

@Original Andrew: Haven’t the faintest. I’ve been talking to a producer. I’m the “top guest” on their 5 PM show. If they replay it at 10 and you see a tall guy (sitting down) with Jewish hair and hip glasses (picked out by my wife, that’s another story) talking oil spill, that would be me.

@ManchuCandidate: I don’t wear a tie to depositions or meetings any more. I’m just sick of it. When you’re a big guy (I am) and have gray hair (I do), you can bring some gravitas without having a shmata tied around your neck.

@Dodgerblue: So does that mean if I stop dyeing my gray hair I don’t need to wear heels with my pantsuits* when I go to meetings, hearings, or depos?

Though when you’re a tall girl like me, it’s fun to wear heels to a meeting or hearing so I can tower over even more of the men. I can’t get to Dodger heights, but I can get way taller than the average US ‘Merikan man.

*because I refuse to wear skirts because I refuse to wear pantyhose.

Is the show called Connect With Mark Kelley?

@redmanlaw: A liquor store in Utah? Does not compute.

@ManchuCandidate: Yes, that was it. His questions were of the lowest common denominator variety. Not quite like talking to the NYT.

Related via raw fundamentalist douchebaggery:


The author of the bit referenced in the article above is probably a *huge* Talibunny / Faux News fan.

Search of cbc.ca did not turn up “dodgerblue”. I did see that people who read the oil spill story also read about Gary Coleman.

I’m sorry, my dear who has a name I can’t rattle off as a cute nickname (would Al work?), but at this person’s attack on the “excuse” of rape justifying abortion:

Rape is nasty and it’s a sin (it’s adultery because they aren’t married and if the woman is a virgin or married it’s theft)… But is rape really that bad? It’s a horrible experience but you get over it with time.

Christian women can also take a lot more than atheist women. Maybe this is part of the reason that atheists get so hung up about this. Christian women can turn to Christ or worship God in their hearts and endure great suffering. I’m not belittling it but think about it, no amount of suffering from rape is as great as the suffering our Lord suffered on the cross for our sins.

I started banging my head against the wall when I saw THEFT being listed as the proper charge for the DA if a married woman was raped, never realizing that this was part of the rape charging equation at DA’s offices, then went to go get another martini and wonder whether this means that rapists now have a convenient defense if they rape a Christian versus an atheist.

ADD: Probably a huge fan? Probably? I suggest the word IS.

Fine line, though, I doubt anyone would have a problem with an advertisement offering help to people who want to get out of Scientology or Mormonism.

And is it racism, that I kinda would like to encourage people to get out of a religion, or sect within a larger religion, which subjugates women, and teaches that its an article of faith to accept nothing less than an autocratic theocracy as a legitimate form of government? I would help and encourage someone fleeing from america’s version of fundamentalist christianity, I would help and encourage someone fleeing from Mormonisn, and I would help and encourage a muslim fleeing from the excessess among various sects in that belief system.

@Dodgerblue: So I went on his website and apparently the oil spill has something to do with fate and heroin? It’s not live yet.

@SanFranLefty: So does that mean if I stop dyeing my gray hair I don’t need to wear heels with my pantsuits when I go to meetings, hearings, or depos?

It means that your avatar looks so much like Dodger’s when skimming that I thought we were learning something new.


For those interested in seeing DB’s interview.


The interview starts around 3:45.

BREAKING…i was mistakenly under the impression that gray hairs came out if your skull. i was splitting the hairs at the ends of my 2 foot long hair and discovered they TURN grey! anytime they want. bastards.

i am also a tall girl and used to wear flats and hunch because i’m taller than RB barefoot. now? i wear the highest heels i can find and developed military posture to tower over him. it annoys him. good.

OA, i’ve seen the candid set shots. sneakers all the way. she’s a spunky girl. i like spunk.
and thank you so much for ruthie, though as you can see, gravatar has made her too small and crooked.
my OCD is on code red.


I added the “probably” because there *are* people who are so far down the rabbit hole that they think that Faux is a tool of the NWO / Antichrist. Seriously.

@al2o3cr: These people are a lot like the ‘Shakespeare didn’t write Shakespeare’ crowd. They live in the same plane of unreality. I say to the Stratford crowd, you just sit there and make a fair copy by hand of all the works while pretending to be Christopher Marlowe (the latest fave espoused by the likes of D Jacobi) and just see how long it takes you. And now try picking up boys while you’re trying to write Hal’s big speech from 2 Henry IV. You can’t.

Now try being the Antichrist while running the govt into the ground. Can’t be done. The scheduling alone! You’d never have time to play with Bo let alone drag mankind to the nethermost pits of hell.

My best guess is that the Antichrist is living where he won’t stand out. Toronto, perhaps, where everyone’s too bored to notice. Or some city in CA. Near the beach. With a large naval presence. Though I doubt he’d spend much time on his tan as he’d be too busy writing ‘code’ for demonic high-tech gadgets that nobody needs but everyone wants. Wasn’t it Nostradamus who warned that the Antichrist would make his presence known by his Cheetos-stained fingers? Now I don’t necessarily go in for disaster theory but if you take the letters s-t-i-n-q-u-e then add the area code for Sandy Eggo, subtract the number of Mike Lee’s children, multiply by his wife’s BFI plus the number of Lindsey Graham’s boyfriends and I don’t think it’s any surprise that you end up with 666. Which just happens to be Michelle Obama’s dress size. Coincidence? I think not.

@ManchuCandidate: Cool. Hope I didn’t screw the pooch. The video feed from Canada City was oddly out of synch with the voice in my earpiece, so I was trying to juggle different realities and not, y’know, pick my nose on camera.

@Benedick: My cousin’s son lives in Escondido, CA and writes code for video games. I hardly see him as the Anti-Christ, though. The guy is so shy he can hardly talk to girls. Wouldn’t the Anti-Christ get a lot of action?

@Benedick: “Waiter, I’ll have whatever Mr. Benedick is drinking this morning.”

@ManchuCandidate: Thanks, mon. The CBC was not running on my machine during the Olympics.

ADD: Link Fail on FB. Linky link went to a CBC doc on psychoparenting.

@Dodgerblue: Wouldn’t the Anti-Christ get a lot of action? Not necessarily. Do we have a feed to your interview?

@redmanlaw: I know. And it was just coffee.

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