Despoiler Alert!

Virgin wilderness is like virgin daughters: Worthless.


There are only so many ways to call her a fucking moron.

In other news, the Kentucky Libertarian Party is considering fielding a candidate against Rand Paul. On the one hand, a libertarian candidate would not likely get more than 1% of the vote (and even non-Rasmussen polls have Paul ahead by a considerable margin), and those votes could well come at the expense of Jack Conway. On the other hand, it could force Paul to elaborate on some of his, shall we say, less appealing political beliefs.

@mellbell: There’s more Randy Fun in the news today, which I’ll get to later if reality doesn’t intrude.


Snarkers everywhere have nearly exhausted their thesauri. It’s a total crisis! We’re gonna have to just stone-cold start makin’ up outraged slurs: idiosole… mortard… dumbux… World’s Wealthiest Living Brain Donor… hypo-encephalitic retread… help me out here, comrades.

@Original Andrew: Try adding “anous” or “inus” as a suffix.

wombus… nimbus… dingtard… goosegghead!

To paraphrase Frank Zappa: “What’s the ugliest part of her body? Some say her nose, some say her toes, but I think it’s her mind.”

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