So we’re watching the 24 finale last night, because even if we did break up with the show last year, we had some good times together in Season 5, when President Allstate was knocked off in the first five minutes, and we figured we owed it a final fling to see it off, and after it was over we visited Dave Barry’s blog for the recap (Dave Barry having named President Allstate for us, even if as a rule we’re not a Dave Barry fan), and aside from the regular “Edgar is still dead” joke (Edgar having bit it in Season 5, so we enjoy the callback), we notice that below the post is a seven-minute tracking shot of Seattle high schoolers dancing to a popular song film taken on Market Street from a San Francisco cable car in 1905 before the earthquake (and before the fire, if you’re one of those assholes who just won’t let it go), and we decide that it’s, well, fucking awesome.

That, plus the Gulf spill is depressing the hell out of us and we don’t want to deal with it.


@al2o3cr: We can only hope this further emboldens him and he ends up doing something stupid enough to land him in a state prison, where he will be recognized and stomped to death.

Eggad. Another show I watched for one episode and never went back.

For a while it disturbed me because I like this kind of stuff (James Bond and Le Carre fan here–I run the gamut on espionage fiction) However, to me 24 gave off a bad odor/vibe like the James Bond films Die Another Day, Quantum of Solace and License to Kill where I didn’t see any of them in the theaters like I normally would.

I don’t regret passing on it.

I had to stop watching that season that President Allstate died for a couple of reasons. 1) Fox was bouncing it around the schedule like a cheap hooker and I can’t get that invested. [Commitment issues, FTW!] 2) I like Kiefer, always have. If I continued watching do the same shit every week, he was going to get on my last good nerve.

@al2o3cr: Lessee . . . the president and vice president of the United States committted war crimes and are so far scatheless but an autistic child is charged with a felony over a drawing.

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