Can’t We All Just Get Along Without My Past?

“A spokesman for Rand Paul just clarified to me that the candidate does, in fact, believe that the Federal government should have the power to ban private businesses from discriminating based on race.” [Plum Line, via TPM]


I am sure he winked broadly to the camera after he made that statement, just so his fellow neonazis would not lose faith in his ability to hate coherently.

TJ: Dept. of Holy Fuck: Gulf spill spewing 20 times as much oil as BP and government said – it’s 4 million gallons a day.


And here I was making fun of radio left-tard Mike Malloy for calling it an industrial accident that could end all life on earth. After reading that, he might have a point.

I wonder if anyone bought up his past letters to the editor?

it not I am pretty sure they will.


Were they talking about dead-zone-causing oil-eating bacteria as well? So creepy…

@Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg: The dead zone already existed in the Gulf because of all of the run off from fertilizers in the Midwest into the Mississippi River. The question is now whether it’s going to get a lot bigger thanks to the chemicals and oil.

So basically Paul believes anything that will get him elected?

LOL, what a douche.

Something I’ve never understood about the libertarian worldview: how do they reconcile the belief that less government is better with reality?

Traditionally, they’d point at the Soviet Union and cheer about how much better the US was, but that’s like noting that it was 70F yesterday and 65F today and deciding that it will snow in a week. Once you expand to looking at countries who *actually* have “less government”, all you find are plutocrat clusterfuck failed states like Somalia or Afghanistan, where a tiny elite wields absolute power and has all the money while everyone else starves to death. Meanwhile, the countries where libertarianism would predict the *worst* outcomes (Western Europe, for instance) instead have the *best* quality of life on survey after survey.

Or am I crediting the libertarians with too much humanity – are they really just pushing the country towards failed-state status in the hope that they’ll be on the top of the heap?

@SanFranLefty: NOAA has been pretty damned cozy with BP about hiding the true volume of the spill. My guess is that they don’t want people to conclude that they, NOAA, have no more idea what to do than BP does, which is zilch.

@Capt Howdy: Well, we have that 2002 delight in the previous post. And you can bet lefty bloggers have been Googling up a storm today…

@Dodgerblue: BP knows to the barrel what those well heads were producing when in development. It would take minutes to come up with a defensible estimate based on those flow rates and current conditions. But they won’t because there’s nothing in it for them.

Read about the Coast Guard chasing off CBS News on BP’s orders? The captain of that boat should have escorted the camera crew to the beach. Likely, BP’s people are handing out pre-paid Amex cards of a few thousand each to starving CG crews to keep them up to date on who the client really is.

@al2o3cr: There is “libertarian,” a reasonable view, that government should intrude as little as possible in social and personal matters, and then there are these clinically insane, social luddite libertarians, who are, well, just insane.

These insane libertarians are completely delusional about the real status of an individual in this complex, interdependant network that is modern society. They are ignorant, and insane. They are narcissists, they cannot understand that they are not independant, and that their dream world view of things is simply insane and idiotic. They are self absorbed, selfish, immature, self-centered, and fail completely to recognize how much in their lives is completely dependant on the values of collectivism and social interdependance. They simply cannot see the benefits of the system they purport to hate and reject, even as they reap the benefits of it.

I am serious, their worldview is so divorced from reality and the way the world works, that it must be considered simply insane, pathological.

@Promnight: their worldview is so divorced from reality and the way the world works, that it must be considered simply insane, pathological.

You’ve met my cousin-in-law?

@nojo: They’re all alike, Nojo, they share this delusion.

Our culture, I am now convinced, has created a group of people with patholigical beliefs, first of all, their beliefs are based on myths and ignore reality, second, they are emotionally lacking in normal human empathy, third, their belief system contradicts the generally accepted basic moral system that most people in our society accept.

These are angry sociopaths/narcissists, they have found in Ayn Rand and other insane libertarian “thinkers” a belief system that validates their pathology.

They have found in Rand a belief system that allows them to blame their personal lack of success, and whatever success they have achieved, as narcissists, they believe they were entitled to more success, on others. “Its all the fault of gubmint regulation, and taxes, and welfare, that I am not Bill Gates.” How soothing to the narcissists ego, to believe this! I sit in my mom’s basement, not because I am a social clod and pathological narcissist who cannot get along with others and succeed, no, I sit here, slathering my dick with cheeto-dust, because of the damn taxes and welfare and socialism taking away the fruits of my labor, lets ignore the fact I don’t labor, and live on disability payments from the gubmint I hate. “I’m a fucking genius, and its the world’s fault for not recognizing it and falling at my feet.”

Randtard liberarianism is not a social-political philosophy, it is an organized system of off-the-shelf rationalizations narcissists use to blame their problems on others.

Its a mental illness.

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