I Got Weed, Babe


Tuesday’s news of the Abstinence Congressman’s park-pestorking prowess and Bristol Palin’s “Does Getting Paid for Sex Make Me a Whore?” tour reminded us of a classic of the genre, Sonny Bono’s 1968 anti-pot school film. It’s too long for one sitting, but Sonny shows up around 1:40, and you can drop in just about anywhere for quick amusement.

Years later, we heard a story that Sonny made the film as a plea deal following a drug bust, but we’re unable to confirm that now. However, we did stumble across a recollection by Don “DonnyFun” Aly, “former senior editor of Teen Magazine in Hollywood,” which we’ll have to accept as authoritative until Cher fesses up:

“Hey, man, hear me out,” Sonny told me, “I know it’s not cool to go around Hollywood puttin’ down smoking pot, but the thing is, man, I’m not trying to win a popularity contest. I wanna do somethin’ for the kids. Over the years they’ve hung in there for me and Cher and now I think it’s time I return the favor.”…

Sonny said he made the documentary movie on marijuana with his own money. He said it wasn’t “classy” by Hollywood documentary standards, but he had researched the subject thoroughly and had interviewed several key people in the medical profession as well as friends of his in the entertainment world whose lives had literally “gone to pot” because they got hooked and couldn’t get their act together.

Whatever, dude. Sonny may have been straight, but a generation of schoolkids remain convinced that he looked stoned.

Sonny Bono and the Marijuana Caper [Don Aly]

“Impairs cognition” — that’s kind of the point, isn’t it?

I had a hash oil capsule last night. My cognition is still impaired.

It’s pretty clear Bono never smoked any weed.

I watched it through 6 minutes, so far, and I have to say, I cannot disagree with anything said so far. I am serious.

Especially the warning about occasional, unpredictable “bummers.” But thats a thing of youth, I have read several articles lately about older people, 50s, 60s, returning to the demon weed, and finding that the occasional uncomfortable paranoia, is gone, no more. Yay!

My name is Promnight, and I am a viper.


You must come to California and go to one of the clinics. You would LOVE mine…live jazz, pretty girls at the front desk…

@Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg: I really feel like you and I should put our collective smart and pretty heads together to create a Chamber-of-Commerce-esque package deal to appeal to all the wealthy Boomers/aging Gen-Xers who are out of state to convince them to come to California for a little pot-tasting tour (much like some of them go to Paso Robles or Napa or El Dorado County or Dry Creek Valley or Russian River Valley to taste wine) so they could see the varietals of the greenery offered here. My best ghey friend ever says he dreams of the day that the vendors at the Ferry Building Farmers Market have the weed varietals out in the same orgasmic detailed arrangement as the wine, mushrooms, peaches, tomatoes, and lettuce.

Seriously. The pot tourists could solve our state budget crisis. And get about 50,000 guys out of CDCR’s prisons.


are we supposed to believe sonny picked out that tangerine sateen pajama ensemble without a few hits? that i can relate too, i seem to buy hats under its influence, it’s the only downside personally.
can we get richard branson and bill mahr, daily smokers and loud about it, and beatles music on rebuttal? pot was the ruination of their lives and creativity, after all.
it is so ridiculous that california is halfway in and doesn’t use the budget crisis to go all the way, by alcohol drinkers and cigarette smoking people of the state–and the looney legislators. it is only illegal because big tobacco feared the competition. that’s one of the reasons, maybe the main one.

LEGALIZE IT, you fucking retards. trust me, there is no down side for the people smoking it, only for the tobacco and alcohol lobby’s, which are responsible for more death and destruction of peoples lives than any substance on earth.

Prommie…occasional uncomfortable paranoia?
never ever felt that. the opposite is true..i’m much more relaxed in any situation. the damn giggles can be a problem though. some problem.
i’ve woken up on the lawn once or 6, and it was NEVER from weed.
some interesting and stomach turning facts about its illegality besides big tobacco.

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