Stinque Recipe Challenge

Not to repeat myself, but this weekend’s recipe challenge is Fricassée De Poulet à L’Ancienne – chicken fricassee. And just one question – is anyone out there cooking along with me? Lurkers, whomever – anyone taking a crack at these recipes? You can buy Mastering the Art of French Cooking here.

Frying off the veggies:

Whatever the next step is (exhausted at this point):

Oh yeah – add the broth and boil that sucker down …

Browned onions and mushrooms – the stock from this goes into the big pot:

Boil down the stock (again) …

Incorporate, bring to a boil, and serve over egg noodles. Just make sure you reduce it to where it coats the back of a spoon.


Those onions look so f-ing awesome, Bloggie. I can smell them from 3,000 miles away!!

I need to get my ass in gear and really learn how to cook. I’m process oriented, so I could probably do ok at something more complex than slappin’ some beef on the grill or my fire and forget dishes like my frijoles, posole or marinara sauce. I made hot turkey sandwitches for the family tonight, but they were super jealous over my salad. “I was not informed that there was a salad option,” Mrs RML whined. I swear, I could feel my cells becoming rehydrated during dinner.

Hit the gym after busting ass on the house all day. Metallica and hitting it hard on the elliptical gave me my second wind. Drankin’ that martini now.

Yeah, I’m not particularly fond of chicken thighs, but I would hit that in a minute.

@karen marie: Knocking us out with those American thighs.

Homiez: Serius metal channel reporting that fucking Dio is dead.

That’s Ronnie James Dio, to the unwashed. Dude joined Black Fucking Sabbath at one point, a period in time not recognized by RML as actually being Black Sabbath, for which FUCKING OZZY was the the singer. (Did Dio do “Fairies with Boots”? No, he did not, so fuck him.) Anyway, Dio, a perfectly nice guy who chose to make his living in hard rock and heavy metal is dead (and so is the guy from fucking TYPE O NEGATIVE this week so wtf?) , so drink in the name of metal and art, and life, goddammit.

And, I could not score TOOL tickets for Red Rocks in June. Fuck Fuck Fuck.

@redmanlaw: Gym (bike and weights) and pool for a hard 90 minutes this Sunday morn, tried to schedule a massage for later this afternoon but sadly I’m on the waiting list.

@redmanlaw: Meh, Sabbath wannabe. Just scanned the listings for the DC club circuit for the dates I hope to be there in a week plus a day, not good at the 9:30 Club.

ADD: @SanFranLefty: I’m just impressed with his NY economy of space.

@Nabisco: Dio was sixty-seven! Fuck! That’s metal – to be a fucking corpse and still be playing metal.

Supposedly Dio is still hanging in there but the prognosis is bleak. He’s got stomach cancer.

Very sad. I was a huge Dio fan in high school, and a few of his tunes (with various bands) managed to make it on to my iPod. Guy has a terrific voice for Heavy Metal.

Here’s a jazzy, swingin’, upbeat tune I’ve always enjoyed from Dio’s early band, Elf: Dio like you’ve probably never heard before.

@Nabisco: It’s actually not that difficult to pull decent food out of that kitchen as long as I get the slicing and dicing done early.
@karen marie: I forgot to take the final photo when it was assembled, but just imagine it with diced mushrooms and the onions in …
@redmanlaw: You need to start slowly, perhaps here – and if you can’t find Old Bay in your grocery store, I’ll send you some.

@Serolf Divad: Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead, however.

I checked either Blabbermouth or Metal Underground to confirm the Sirius report. Oh, well. Sing us a song, you’re the singer, Mr. Dio.

@blogenfreude: I have a book called the Cook’s Book that tells how to select and cook various things but has no recipies. It’s gotten this far fairly well. Havn’t ruined anything.

@redmanlaw: Julia’s The Way to Cook is similar, but with recipes – she explains how things like eggs cook.
@karen marie: I should have said – you can, of course, cook chicken breasts instead. Full disclosure: it took me 3 hours start to finish (including half hour of simmering) and was every bit as difficult as the bourguignon, which I did not expect. But boy was it worth it. Served over egg noodles.

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