Nazi Tourette’s

Damn I love this guy:

[ Comedy Central Flash video not available. ]

I was hoping this would get posted!

Very funny. Is it just me or is Glenn Beck really really nelly?

@JNOV: Hey – email me anytime w/ a request … we are a full service blog.

Now, I’m not saying that Glenn Beck raped and murdered a young, Jewish girl in 1940, but…if he didn’t, why hasn’t he come forth to deny these allegations?

oh bloggie, i love him too!
you’ve seen his HBO full hour of hilarity, no?
you want to get on that.
it’s 4 in the morning, wish i could pop him in right now…
the CD, you evil people, the CD!!!

“the GOP is a party full of bad ideas, the dems a party of NO ideas”

Great clip to come back to. I’m always afraid Lewis will suffer an MI during one of his rants.
@baked: Eww! But that is the first thing I thought. PS, I may be visiting Ma and the biscuits soon!

that’s great news. how is the self regulating going? i’m sure it’s fine, however, if not, don’t tell her…trust me on this. i’m actually starting to feel bad for the rat. he has been been tortured to a point where he would like a nice vacation at gitmo. he couldn’t help himself? well neither can i.

lewis black…call me?

@baked: I am now, and always have been a good Nabisco. Plus, I’ve reached the age where my joints ache if I even try to flirt, anyway.

Funny anecdote in an upcountry guest house a few weeks back, tho. There was a gaggle of us expats crowded around the dinner table cum bar on the roof of this place we’ll call the “No Star”, full of curry and beer, when the waiter asked me how my wife was. “Fine”, I replied. He kept at it, asking why I hadn’t brought her around in a long while, that it was so nice that I had married a local, etc. etc. At first I thought he was joking, I even played along with it for awhile, then I realized all were staring at me, waiting for my response. Turns out we all apparently do look alike – it was some other guy.

I saw Lewis from the front row not long ago, and what you have to worry about is an MI caused by too much bolivian marching powder; he was twitching, just literally twitching.

I want to have Lewis Blacks ugly angry babies.

@Capt Howdy: Ugly, angry, SMART babies. Most babies are ugly and angry, they are needy and demanding, and blow their top like Russel Crowe if the service doesn’t meet their expectations. Except Baked’s grandson, he’s gorgeous.

@Prommie: I was in a clutch of people more deserving of eight kinds of assistance than I’ve seen in a long while this week when this infant, all of perhaps 10 months, started wailing like there was no tomorrow. She was probably hot, tired, wet and hungry – babies only cry when something physical bothers them – and there I was, without car keys. I handed her my ID card on its chain, and she went to town on it, all gums and slobber but she settled down, Russel Crowe on downers, it was great.

@Nabisco: Yup. And they cry when they’re bored.

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