We Get Mail

Received two books in the mail today – this is the one I opened first:

All 19 pages of it! (2 of those pages are photos). But it was supposed to be signed, and it wasn’t. Almost a bigger disappointment than her decision not to challenge Vitter.

The reveal of my second literary acquisition will follow ….


Bloggie, you have what seems to be an unhealthy obsession with this woman. Just sayin’.

Wow, that cover art must have taken someone all of 10 minutes’ work in MS Paint. Looks like they narrowly avoided using Comic Sans, but I guess Yearning Passions or whatever that romance novel-esque font is suited their purposes better…although the romance novel theme is severely undermined by the surprisingly prim and unflattering photo.

Also, is this SFL’s cue to do another Jon Hamm post? If so, yay!

@Tommmcatt Loves The Giant Floating Head: “Stormblazer” hurts me. Deeply.

@flippin eck: Interestingly, before I tried to decode the headache-o-tron script, I thought this was a picture of January Jones from Mad Men (who rides horses in the show), so a Jon Hamm response would be 100% appropriate.

@IanJ: Jon Hamm is always 100% appropriate!

@IanJ: Yes, but I leave Manhattan maybe twice a year, so there’s no chance of stalking charges.

Looks like the cover of an 80s “New Wave” album

I’m more shocked that she allowed a photog to take photos of her without the very least any exposed cleavage.

@flippin eck:

Plus, look at the color of the headline. Somehow, against all logic, it finds a way to SCREAM “Don’t look at me”, and you know what? We don’t. I looked at this post about four times before I noticed that headline.

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