Welcome, Republican Latinos!

“Former Alaska GOP Gov. Sarah Palin on Tuesday night declared that there is ‘no ability or opportunity’ for the new Arizona immigration law to encourage racial profiling, and blamed Barack Obama for ‘perpetuating this myth.'” Let’s check with Marco Rubio on that. [Politico]


And in geek news, HP buys Palm. How soon before Carly takes credit for that?

“no ability or opportunity’ for the new Arizona immigration law to encourage racial profiling”

Easy to say when you’re dumb, white and rich.

@ManchuCandidate: “I’m a scorpion Sarah Palin; it’s my nature.”

@Benedick: Gruber sez it’s a wise move by HP, seeing how they don’t own a mobile operating system. This gives them some skin in the game against the iPhone, Android, and the new Windows phone. And maybe we won’t see that frightening Zen Chick any more.

@nojo: But… Palm? It doesn’t link. It has no apps. It does not enrich Steve Jobs. It’s so 20th century. Isn’t this another version of Time Warner buying AOL?

@Benedick: The old Palms are indeed past tense, but their new phone launched last year with “WebOS”, a new operating system that some geeks liked for its elegance. (Palm’s manufacturing quality and marketing were another matter.)

Palm also presumably has a shitload of patents, useful in the ongoing pissing match between mobile-phone companies. (Apple’s suing an Android manufacturer, which just signed a licensing deal with Microsoft.)

But yes, WebOS is indeed lacking apps right now — any new system has a chicken & egg problem that way. (Geeks need dependable customers to develop apps; civilians won’t buy phones without a well-stocked app store.) HP would have the deep pockets that Palm lacked to kickstart development.

So no, it’s not AOL. All AOL really had was a lock on modems, and a pre-Internet closed system. And as soon as Time Warner bought AOL, everyone switched to broadband and the intertubes.

I doubt she even knows what the word “perpetuating” means.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Doesn’t it mean taking the dogs for a checkup?


Mickey Mouse can suck my mighty pendejos!

Is that the right word? Anyway, work is pretty frustrating right now.

@Tommmcatt Loves The Giant Floating Head: My Spanish is pretty limited, but I think you have one pendejo and two cojones. Unless you’re a very lucky puppy indeed.

Pendejo is slang for pubic hair, so you could have one, I suppose…

@Tommmcatt Loves The Giant Floating Head:

Lo siento que tu trabajo se chupa ahora.

It seems I’ve always heard “huevos” for your family jewels, but maybe it’s a regional thing. And they say “verga” as slang for your c**k, which makes absolutely no sense to use a word ending in the feminine -a for what’s arguably the most masculine object.

Ayudanme, amigos. Esta cierto?

@Nabisco: In Tejas, pendejo = asshole. No pubes involved.

I guess unless you’re a big hairy bear?

(Or Jon Hamm, depending upon the tastes of some of the picky gheyz around here who think *he’s* hairy)

@SanFranLefty: If you can’t braid your back, you’re an alabaster boy.

@OA: huevos, cojones, todo vale igual. De hecho, ‘no vale ni verga’ is one of my fave modismos in non-US/Canada America. Can you imagine being worth less than a peen?

Oh great. 24/7 “Mrs Duffy” on the Beeb. Workshop over, time to drink/play!


These are the questions that keep us up at night.

@nojo: Haha! I remember buying a Handspring b/c the original Palm people had defected and started Handspring. Dope Wars was an AWESOME game, and I used to trade games with strangers in the airport via beaming! So Star Trek, it was awesome. Then came the Treo, but it kind of sucked, so I ended up with a BlackBerry (boo!). My life has never been the same. I am digging my iPhone, but that battery life sucks ass no matter how I configure the settings to try to extend the battery. HP buys Palm? I’m sure the elder statesmen of the HP family are livid right about now.

@JNOV dope wars was AWESOmE…I have ‘Dark nova” on the eyefon, which was also originally a Palm thing.

Ps, pissed in French Indochina is a weird thing; giddy and morose at the same time. Vale la verga’!

@Nabisco: Pissed as in drunk? WTF are the Franch still doing there, anyway? I need a history lesson. I thought they jumped ship when we jumped in by way of “advisors.”

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