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Time was when you could read a Talibunny post and reasonably doubt she wrote it. But now her lawyer has upped the stakes, challenging us to believe that the following could be spoken by any human:

When I discussed this with Governor Palin, she had an interesting take: “My reaction upon reading the opinion in this matter was not what I expected. Though I’m always pleased with the results of these investigations that prove the false allegations wrong, and I appreciate the detailed reasoning set forth in this recent opinion, I was primarily disappointed that the State of Alaska, the Attorney General’s office, and others, still have to spend time and resources addressing the abusive onslaught of frivolous complaints directed against me — even after I left office.”

We don’t know about you, but we wouldn’t trust anyone who talked like that to cook our moose.

Since we’re enjoying the fine work of Thomas Van Flein, personal attorney and second-string blogger, let’s continue:

At times (indeed, as recently as Sunday in a magazine cover story) people allege that the “real” reason Governor Palin stepped down was to “make money” (citing primarily her best selling book). As this most current complaint again emphasizes, Governor Palin stepped down for the right reasons — she did not want to see her state government continue to get bogged down with inane “ethics” complaints that were transparently political, plainly partisan, and diverting state resources.

Well, the book, the six-figure speaking fees, the Fox News gig, the “reality” series, the PAC that manages not to spend money on the candidates it advocates…

Say, speaking of those state resources she conserves (not including the tanning bed and per diem for staying at home), how’s that pipeline workin’ out for ya?


But hey, let’s go for the gusto:

The voluntary relinquishment of power for the greater good is normally praised as an example of true leadership — just review any biography of George Washington — and it should be in this case as well.

Got us there, Tommy. Every schoolchild knows by heart the story of how George Washington quit midway through his first term to sign a book contract with Ben Franklin.

Swing and a miss [Sarah Palin/Facebook]

Did you see the New York Magazine profile that explained the the Talibunny decided to drop the governor’s gig after the Alaska AG’s office sent Talibunny an opinion that doing book tours and other promotional activities would incur all manner of ethics laws entanglements?

Good luck with that, Sarah.

It appears that Sarah has unleashed her inner Stuart Smalley on the world.

Sarah Smalley: “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, I’m the greatest leaderish evah!”

Idjits like Sarah never cease to amuse me. Running from your mistakes and lying about what happened isn’t exactly leadership, that’s leadershit.

Imagine an alternate reality with a few historical parallels:

• If Washington had quit half-way across the Potomac we’d still be an English colony.
• If Alexander Graham Bell had quit midway through inventing the telephone you’d be able to talk to people across long distances, but not hear them.
• If the wright brothers had quit midway through building their first flier, every airplane would have a crash landing.
• If Lewis and Clark had quit midway through their expedition they’d be credited with discovering Sioux Fall, SD.
• If William Shakespeare had quit midway through writing Romeo and Juliet, the play would be just another, forgettable, sappy romance novel with a happy ending.
• If God had quite midway through writing the 10 commandments, Murder, Theft, Lying, Adultery and Coveting your neighbor’s Ass would be perfectly OK.

But Palin quits midway through her term and she’s a heroine?

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