Matt Damon Not Included

Title: “The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee”

Author: Sarah Silverman

Rank: 67

Blurb: “When I was asked to provide text for an author page, I decided to approach it in a scholarly manner, because that’s what authors do. I looked to other author pages for inspiration, and I learned so much. For example, while Hemingway and Dostoevsky do not have their own author pages on, Paris Hilton does. And so does former teenage porn star and multi-tasking fellatrix, Traci Lords. Hemingway and Dostoevsky might be wondering, quite literally, ‘Whom do I have to blow to get my own author page?’ If someone had a cruel sense of humor, they might respond to Hemingway, ‘How about your head off? Oh wait — you already DID that!’ But such a remark would be in bad taste, and as a serious author, I’m above all that.”

Review: “It’s the e-mails between her and her editor that show the truth of the old adage that comedy is tragedy plus time.”

Customers Also Bought: “American Idiot”

Footnote: It’s just nice to see something in the Amazon Top 100 that isn’t a cookbook, a wingnut rant, a Twilight sequel, or Sookie Stackhouse.

The Bedwetter [Amazon]

Buy or Die [Stinque@Amazon kickback link]


i saw sarah last night whoring her book on joy behar!
she told a true story of her shrink killing himself…while she was in the waiting room!
i ADORE her! must buy or die.

I saw that her live chat a deadspin was a trainwreck. They are still sweeping us several days later.

Wait–wouldn’t she be a great choice to play Sookie Stackhouse?

@Benedick: Vampire toy. You need showtime, or is it hbo?

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