Marine Teabagger

Bachmann sure can stir ’em up:

The twenty-six percent who believe Bush was a great president will always be with us.



Looks like someone’s still sore about Somoza.

I’m curious, if the Marine goes to the VA for healthcare. Most if not all veterans do (and should.) That’s socializma! It’s one of the few universal HC systems in US America.

@ManchuCandidate: Also note that he’s exercising his 1st Amendment right to act like a moron in a mall maintained by federal employees with federal tax dollars. He probably rode the socialist Metro to get there, or drove on a federally-maintained highway. From the looks of him, he’s probably on social security disability. And certainly don’t tell him he got a tax cut from the Muslamofascist who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

@ManchuCandidate: Oh, and he probably traded in his F350 for a Corolla under Cash for Clunkers.

This guy looks like a plant by the videographer.

I didn’t think I’d wish this on anybody, but please, oh please, all-powerful FSM, let this man lose his wallet with all his personal identification in Arizona and then get picked up by the cops.

The irony is piquant: sometimes it’s the immigrants who are most rabid about what they perceive as the broken promise of US American Democracy Capitalism (while graciously accepting their VA health care, Medicare, Social Security, unemployment benefits, workman’s comp, etc.)

And saying such does not mean I believe the immigrants are what fuels the insane unhinged teabag “movement”. No, that would be largely the unemployed white middle-aged, who find themselves in an economic crisis at a convenient time to express their suppressed racism at the lightning-rod of the first US American black president.

What I find truly disturbing is that the first US American black president does deserve extreme criticism, but not for the (reasons?) feelings this type of crowd seems to believe.

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