The Intertubes Are Fast …

You knew that Hitler would have an opinion on Constantin Studios’ hissy fit about the Downfall videos:

Hitler, as “Downfall producer” orders a DMCA takedown from Brad Templeton on Vimeo.

“My producer” for “mein fuhrer” is the best line.

@Dodgerblue: Agreed … and I am sure these videos will always exist somewhere. To my delight …

“Anyone who has violated a copyright leave the room now.”

That’s gonna be one lonely room.

I am entirely with the studio here. This is theft of property as surely as if they broke into your house and used it for a frat party – whatever that is – and pissed all over your collection of Brady Bunch artifacts. They were good sports to leave the parodies up as long as they did. I just had a German video taken down from youtube for infringement of my copyright. So bite me.

It’s possible that this became an issue for them because of the growing contract problems regarding internet use. No one knows quite what to do or how to control it. All of the unions, actors’, writers’, directors’, stagehands’, masseuses’, are all going at it with the producers to find some way to regulate this. An actor, for example, gets paid for DVD sales, TV sales, in-flight sales, etc for a movie or TV show. The same is not happening online. And as we are all repeatedly told: the internet is the future, any day now everything will happen online (Justice Roberts check your email, you fuckwad).

And really, would you like it if you saw your work being fucked over by some dweeb stuck in his mother’s basement in San Diego poking at an iPad with Cheetos stained fingers? I think not.

And yes, I thought they were funny.

@Benedick: some dweeb stuck in his mother’s basement in San Diego poking at an iPad with Cheetos stained fingers

You go too far, sir!

Still, I get it. Artists should be paid for their work. I wish they were paid on the scale of defense contractors, but if wishes were fishes…

And yet…WTF are Brady Bunch artifacts? Greg’s sweaty jockstrap, stripped off him after a high school wrestling match, I hope? Or would you settle for the sneakers?

@Pedonator: I must send you my ebay link. It has pictures.

Who the hell has a basement in Sandy Eggo?

@nojo: We do have the occasional tornado, even if they call them waterspouts. But yeah, I’ve never seen a basement here that wasn’t just a rumpus room.

And I’ve always wanted to find out just what rumpus can really do for me.

@Benedick: Do. I like pictures.

@nojo: You guys are slabdwellers … no doubt.

@Pedonator and nojo: Speaking of Stinque World Headquarters, and I will attest there are no basements in that entire county, I’m going to be in Sandy Eggo in early June for a few days (assuming a certain state court doesn’t throw my summer into a flurry of activity). So barring that, no excuses for not getting together.

@SanFranLefty: Shakespeare’s Pub, whenever you’re ready.

@SanFranLefty: I’m there / here. You still have my info…?

@Pedonator: Uh, remind me if you can via gmail or my stinquey email since you’re not on the Book of Faces.

@SanFranLefty: Just sent you something in the mail. Almost joined the Book, but Mr. Pedo took the vanguard and he was delighted with it for one day exactly, and then horrified. So I’m still holding out.

@Benedick: Yeah, no, the studio are being a bunch of babies on this.

Although I agree that posting entire movies is beyond the pale, that’s not what’s been done in this instance. No one is making money off the parodies themselves. The financial standing of the movie has in all likelihood improved because the parodies have exposed the movie to more people than might otherwise have been aware of it.

I look forward to Hitler’s further adventures.

@karen marie: I’m sure there’s a story behind it. And I would argue that it hurts the movie’s standing.

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