Glenn Beck Celebrates 4/20

[via Media Matters]

I certainly hope Beck’s not one to get paranoid while smoking.

On second thought, I *do* hope he is. And that there’s a video camera running. :)

Anyone who thinks this country was “united together” on anything in the 60s is smoking something WAY stronger than pot.

How the U.S. can unite together (sic) like it did in 1960’s (sic).

Dude. WTF?

@tommcatt: no linky. The MM post was just the screenshot.

TJ/ FSM have mercy. Would someone please reinvite me (I know, I know) into the sandbox? I have to purge.

He won’t rest until there are bodies in the streets …

Didn’t they unite to protest insane, neo-fascist psychos like Glenn Beck?

@Capt Howdy: he looks positively beatific in that pic

I think that was The One Toke Over The Line.

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