Fashions of the San Francisco Teabagger Protest

It was a lovely day yesterday in Baghdad by the Bay.  What better thing to do than to put on your best American flag outfit and drive in to The City from the suburbs and entertain the shopping tourists from Japan at Union Square.

To whet your appetite, but there’s so much more after the jump:

Ooooh, an American flag Hawaiian shirt! How stylish!

My biggest grammar pet peeve:

The irony of this one, of course, is that in the 2008 race for Pelosi’s seat, the Green Party candidate got more votes than the Republican. Miller is George Miller, who represents suburban Contra Costa and Solano Counties:

Homeboy spells enumerated correctly but forgets the u in requiring.
Dude standing on stage is DeVore, the third candidate in the Fiorina v. Campbell Senate primary race.

We’re so hospitable and considerate here in San Francisco:

Fashion Police citation for the sweater:

Also, Fashion Stinquers, is this glitter paint?
And a Guns & Roses/hipster hat?

Keeping it KKKlassy:

Kokesh? Is that you?

Another fashion slide. Maybe JNOV could start knitting American flag sweaters to sell to tea-baggers.

This was Nojo’s favorite:

Infiltrator! OMG!

OMG! A black man at a teabag rally!


Last-minute contribution from RomeGirl, complete with her alt-text. And thanks RomeGirl for finding the album!

Tea Party Tax Day Protest

I also really liked the Evil Rich sign, which seems to make a different case than intended: The top 5% earn 37% of the nation’s income? Isn’t that part of the problem?

How anyone can look at those taxation numbers and have anything in mind other than “Whoa, imagine how much of the wealth you would have to control in order to be required to pay 80% of the income tax in this country” is beyond me.

It is literally like an altar boy defending the right of a priest to rape him.

**clap, clap, clap, clap** Hilarious alt text even! SFL, you are burning it up with those keys to the SS Above the Timestamp! Brava!

Now for some commentary. In the first pic, she’s way too chesty for Rielle…maybe her and Dolly’s love child? Also, I think Axl actually bedazzled his/her skanky white tank! And finally, I nominate Venn diagram guy as another hate-fuck candidate. That is all.

@Tommmcatt Loves The Giant Floating Head: Hey, I was ten minutes ahead of you.

You owe me a ride on Splash Mountain.

@flippin eck: Yes, he’s definitely another hate-fuck candidate, along with the guy holding the helpful “INFILTRATOR —>” sign.

And I was unsure of Axl Rose’s gender as well.

@Tommcatt: San Francisco misses you!

I guess those people don’t have jobs. Must all be on SSI or something.

Semen contains anesthetic? There’s only one way to be sure, and it’s gonna involve him and and the patrons of a Castro Street gym jacuzzi.

These fashion abortions are the same people who want to amend the Constitution to ban flag “desecration.” They’re starting to win me over.

“You can’t desecrate the flag! But I can wear it as a Hawaiian shirt, because it’s made right here in the USA. Oh wait, that means Hawaii is a part of the US. Oh… wait… but…”

The wife-beater shirt/porkpie hat guy gave me a Kid Rock vibe. And btw, those words on that tee? TOTALLY BEDAZZLED. Take a look.

I honestly didn’t get the shove-down-throat sign. Is it a blowjob analogy? If so, is it numbing spray he uses? Or have I been editing too much of RomeBoy’s porn?

And I don’t know what the fuck a black guy was doing there. Was he lost?

@RomeGirl: Totally Kid Rock. Wasn’t he on with some Fox dude Megyn Kelly and was kind of like WTF am I doing here?

TJ/ GREAT video of octopus stealing a video camera and swimming away with it while it continued to film. (Too lazy to hyperlink text)

@RomeGirl: Oooo, yes, total Kid Rock. Maybe it was Mr. Rock himself.

The thing that I find so amazing – which maybe isn’t as striking to those of you who haven’t lived in San Francisco – is that the crowd is 99.9% Caucasian. You never, ever, see that homogeneously white of a crowd here. Except maybe at the Opera.

@RomeGirl: Bet you ten bucks all those AmFlag t-shirts were made in China or Malaysia.

@SanFranLefty: I was thinking the same thing. So, where did they bus them in from?

@JNOV: Hahahaha going now to find Kid Rock on Fox. Hahahahha.

@blogenfreude: Oh, totally. But it has the merkun flag on it, so the joke’s on them! Um… right?

@RomeGirl: “I have no idea what I’m doing here…people are tired of extremists…I probably shouldn’t be talking about politics, because I have no idea what I’m talking about I’m really not that educated about it.”

ADD: Probably high as a mutherfuckin’ kite.

@Dodgerblue: Yeah. It made me smile. I was worried for the octopus for a moment though. Do most divers take spear guns with them? I say if you’ve got the balls to go down there, fight like a man!

@JNOV: Beats me. Weren’t you a Navy SEAL or something?

@Dodgerblue: Haha! Demi Moore was the only female SEAL. And Buds are a fucking pain in the ass!

ADD: You couldn’t pay me enough to go to Buds.

@Dodgerblue: Those are the guys in Nojo’s part of the world who are going through SEALS training. They are assholes by and large. They train somewhere on the Silver Strand if their base hasn’t been moved. I really hated the Buds. Worst patients EVER.

TJ/ Okay, The Young Turks are kind of douchey, but this is funny. Palin’s Discovery show has abysmal ratings.

@Tommmcatt Loves The Giant Floating Head: Website/ebook/short fiction for client’s site subscribers.

@JNOV: BWWAHAHAHA. Maybe he was doing a voice for The Simpsons and wandered into the newsroom. +10 points for Charlie Brown reference.

@RomeGirl: Right on.

ADD: The funny thing is, he’s probably more qualified to talk about politics than Megyn.

@JNOV: Oh. -10 points for his nightmare being that everyone has health insurance.

@RomeGirl: As long as he ends up even. It was a WTF? interview, and she was really having a hard time keeping him on message, whatever that message was. He’s some weird wannabe Ted Nugent/Ice Cube.

I don’t think that’s infiltration, honey, when they’re openly making fun of you.

I hope that duct tape leaves some nice abrasions when they remove it from their mouths.

@rptrcub: But he made the sign all by himself and was itchin’ to use it.



(sung to “Aquarius,” my favorite song for making words up)

I feel like Al Pacino in that movie about Alaska.

@JNOV: Three. RomeBoy is snoring to beat the band behind me, which is not helping. About to take a Momma’s Helper and hit the sofa.

@Dodgerblue: Yes, it’s far enough south. I can only imagine Milan at the most would be affected, but the Alps will probably form some kind of air stream wall this time of year.

@RomeGirl: It’s a wacky situation. My work buddy is supposed to fly to London tomorrow for a conference. Not looking good.

@Tommmcatt Loves The Giant Floating Head:

Seriously, these people are insane: the bottom 50% of Americans earn a mere 12% of the pie and she’s upset they’re not paying enough income tax. Never mind that they’re hit with a whole slew of regressive taxes wholly separate from the income tax, including highway tolls, miscellaneous user fees, sales taxes and SS taxes.

The “Circle of Influence” sign brings to mind this cartoon from the ‘burgh. They called FDR all of these names as well, and the dumba$$ teabaggers don’t even realize that they’d be nowhere without his sociamalistic programs.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ:
Wait, Quayle’s son is running for Congress? When did this happen? When did he move to the Grand Canyon State? Whose seat(e) is he going for?

@Dodgerblue: Gah! How do the Dodgers already have 3 runs on Ess Eff in the 1st inning?!?!

@SanFranLefty: C’mon…the Pirates took it to the Giants, well, um, one game at least.


I want to go snatch the red walker I paid for out from under the “Stop the Insanity” bitch.

@Nabisco: The Pirates win! The Pirates win! (2 out, bottom of the 9th run scoring hit by Lastings Milledge)

@Nabisco: How’s your rapist quarterback doing? :-P

@JNOV: Yeah, well, he can still beat up your dog-killing QB, sis.

Srsly, deep *sigh*. Dude has always been an immature guy as far as the ladiez go, but it is beginning to get beyond ridiculous. I’m hoping the Duck will play a few early games, humble Big PeenBen back into Decent Human mode.

I wish I would have known about this. I would have gone to take photos of the wildlife, too. Great photos, though.

i know i commented here, now, it’s gone.
just wanted to tell SFL how awesome she is…..

Yes, she is beyond awesome and Queen of the alt text. I’m very happy to see RomeGirl back on the scene!

TJ/ about to take some exmos sightseeing in Philly. Will be visiting two breweries and several bars along the way, Ben Ben’s grave, Penn’s Landing, South St. Hope we don’t end up pierced, tatted and rolled by some dude in one of thos three-pointed hats…

@JNOV: I messed up and can’t get my alt text to show up on my most recent post. For sad! Waiting for Nojo to wake up so he can help me.

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