Wingnut Optometrists Go On Strike

Left: The logo for the Nuclear Security Summit.

Right: Pakistan’s flag.

Haven’t we been here before?

Once again, conservatives see Muslim conspiracy in an administration logo [ThinkProgress]

And this. We actually came close to boycotting them when I was a kid.


How wild. I had forgotten about that.

That logo wouldn’t make it past the pencil stage nowadays anyway.

Memo to dipshits: Pakistan is our fucking ally. Boneheads.

/losing patience with idiots

T/J: Moi may be on NBC national news tomorrow talking about clean cars. A crew came out Monday and interviewed a buddy of mine who actually knows what he’s talking about, and then somehow erased their memory card. So I’m gonna pinch hit this afternoon. I’ll try to work in something about RML’s truck.

@Dodgerblue: Retrofitted to run on clean coal, ese. I’m green like ganja now.

I used to tease a friend of mine who worked for them. Usually something involving Satan and Pampers (pre Vitter.)

For some reason he didn’t appreciate it.

@redmanlaw: I think biodiesel based on sinsemilla leftovers is the way of the future.

@redmanlaw: Mmm, biodiesel. Your car can smell like McDonald’s french fries wherever you go.

@Dodgerblue: On camera? Quick fashion do’s and don’ts for being on camera:
Don’t wear a shirt or tie with a busy pattern, it wrecks havoc with the cameras.
Don’t look at the camera, look at the reporter. (And if it’s a female reporter, look at her eyes. Her eyes, Dodger! Not her boobs.)
If they offer to put a little powder on your face to take off the shine, don’t be macho and say no. Say yes or else we’ll be distracted by the glare coming off your forehead and/or nose.

Don’t make snarky comments under your breath. (or drop the f-bomb like Plugz)
Don’t make any highly edu-ma-kated literary, musical, political, or pop cultural references or jokes, unless it’s Rachel Maddow interviewing you. 90% of the audience won’t understand, not to mention the reporter.
If the question is dumb just say “That’s an interesting question, but….” and go into your talking points

BTW, I heard the NPR thing, nice job.

Wait ’till the wingnuts get a look at the South Carolina State Flag. They’re gonna shit their pants. A Muslim principality, right in the heart of Dixie!!!!

@SanFranLefty: Look at boobs? Me?

Thanks for the advice. This came up suddenly, so I need to go home and change out of my Montecito-Sequoia High Altitude Camp t-shirt and put on something SFL-approved.


I suppose it’d be possible – the cellulosic ethanol process will run on pretty much anything made out of plant matter.

Mind you, getting enough shake for this to be practical would be a serious problem – this implies that the efficiency (for switchgrass) is about 100 gallons of fuel to the TON of plant matter. :)

Unrelated, but from the same site:
Illegal logging funding Taliban attacks

Great, now the Repukes can claim that tree-huggers fund terrorism. Just great.

@SanFranLefty: @Dodgerblue: A blue shirt is better than white. No thin stripes.

@SanFranLefty: I got interviewed by the BBC one time when I was with the Dean campaign. Those fuckers are harsh. They could give a shit about your talking points. They really wanted to get past that and find out what was really going on. Although I got the beatdown, I admired the way they practiced actual journalism. Wish the local college station still carried them. I’m still on strike against NPR for rolling over on the Iraq war.

Put out the Batsignal for signal to noise to help DB on his tv wardrobe.

@al2o3cr: Don’t get me started about corn ethanol. More taxpayer subsidies to big ag interests.

I think the Repubs are just upset that “Nuclear” is spelled incorrectly….it’s supposed to be “Nukular”, right?

Too easy?

@Dodgerblue: @Mistress Cynica: Dodger, whatever color you choose (though I echo Cynica on the non-striped and think that a French royal blue or other coolish blue/green shade would be nice, I would add with a complementary colored tie that doesn’t have an obnoxious pattern or stripe to it), please wear a t-shirt underneath (white, no logos or tears in it) your dress shirt. Depending on the thickness of the oxford and the lighting of where you are, it can become weirdly see-through. For the granola enviro-tree hugger look, wear a thicker weave shirt like the LL Bean oxfords, and you don’t worry about the see-through. But the thinner dress shirts that you wear with a suit – totally see through at the right light.

/standing by my bat cave if there are any other fashion needs.

@Dodgerblue: Amen.

And yes to blue shirt, meh to tie only b/c you’re a hippie. It’s really hard to not look in the camera — it’s like right there. If you do, it’ll probably be cut anyway. Got contacts? Sometimes glasses throw a glare. Yes to make up. No to eyeballing. You are teh awesomeness!

@SanFranLefty: Wow, no wonder you like Project Runway. I have a fairly heavy weave Lands End oxford cloth blue shirt for these kinds of events, nondescript red tie. And I’ve been trained to repeat the question in the answer to try to keep the sound bites intact. “The cleanest car in the country was my Subaru after it got sandblasted in Death Valley.”

@redmanlaw: Nice. I have a Fender Custom Shop calendar on my office wall.

@Dodgerblue: I say go balls to the wall and wear flannel.

@JNOV: My balls would be on the wall if my management saw that. Nailed to the wall, to be specific.

@SanFranLefty: I think he needs to wear a feather roach clip earring.

@SanFranLefty: Go drunk and talk about why having Stormy in the Senate would be awesome for America. Wear a stocking cap, flash gang signs and be so hood; i.e, “don’t like cap and trade, how ’bout I bust a cap and trade in yo ass, bitch?” etc.

@baked: Heh.

I’m about to get on Skype…

@SanFranLefty: Don’t forget the flag pin.

If they film you outside, roll up your sleeves to a point just below the elbow.

@Dodgerblue: Or, drop some justice OT style from Ezekiel 34 on the mothertruckers: “I will . . . bind up that which was broken, and will strengthen that which was sick: but I will destroy the fat and the strong; I will feed them with judgment.”

@Dodgerblue: Just don’t think of all the millions watching. And don’t fuck up.

Break a leg.

i know you’ll be be awesome…break a leg…xoxo

about fucking time! i just got mine fixed. CALL ME

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: @Dodgerblue: Corollary to the roll-up-the-sleeves rule, if they film you outside or from any angle other than showing you from the torso-up, please do not stick your hands in your pants and play pocket pool or fiddle with your coins.


i may have a dog in weeks. one of the members of my “garden club” has a chihuahua (i know i know, shutup) we trade seeds, growing tips, and of course, harvest.
anyway, i’m in love with his dog, she weighs 4 pounds, but very sound and calm and used to play with sergio. he’s going to the DR, where he got her to get another from the same breeder and is bringing me one back !!!
light some candles, say a prayer, i NEED puppy breath !!!!

@baked: Dude. Don’t be bitchin’ me out about not Skyping you. I just let that damned thing ring forever.

a little tip i picked up…if you want to unnerve the interviewer, if it’s a man, keep shifting your eyes to his hairline. it will be imperceptible to the viewers, but will make him uncomfortable, and you can dominate the conversation. sorry guys, i had to pick these things up in my career…this works!


RB is on…we can’t be on at the same time, i’ll call when he’s off xxxooo

@SanFranLefty: Yes – re: hands in pockets: or pull your pants so low you bust a sag and display your drawers or some crack.

bust a sag…NEver heard that one…splain?

@baked: It’s when you wear baggy pants and your boxers show. It’s 90s slang.

hehehe…he can’t actually smoke one, but he can mention how much he enjoys it…..
hey, bill mahr and richard branson do all the time!

@baked: I love chihuahuas. Fun dogs. Puppy!

A lot of hints are being dropped around here about shih tzus. I’ve gone deaf.

@Benedick: Every time I see a fluffy wiener dog, I think of you and wildflowers and deer.

what hints? i missed them? i try to keep up…
i saw 2 shih tzu’s in the airport and i had to be dragged away crying hysterically by the gate person. i need 4 legged help badly.

i’m so glad you like them…thanks for the vote of approval.
your opinion is very valuable to me. content of next therapy session.

skyping now….wouldn’t it be cool if we could conference chat? i see the commercials and think of all of us….

blargghh….it won’t connect. i try again.

@baked: We can, but Bicso is sleeping right now.

@baked: I mean hints around here. Woodstock. But yes, I like them. Especially the not teeny-tiny ones. They’re very gutsy and intelligent. Not unlike Yorkies.

@JNOV: I mowed grass. It was fab. The dogs spent the day in various streams. The tulips are coming out and it’s pretty damn pretty.

@Benedick: I think it’s time for some more photos of your dogs.

@Dodgerblue: Funny you should say that. I was out with my camera this very morning.

@Benedick: Yes. Pictures, please. Do you think it’s too early to start tomatoes in containers? (All I may have here is a container garden.)


Ooh, Mr. Famous Enviro-Lawyer. Next Stop: Real Time with Bill Mahr!

@Tommmcatt Loves The Giant Floating Head: Interview done. The guy I stood in for, ‘Catt, is a very handsome, smooth-skinned Asian guy. Straight, as far as I know, but of course he has not met you. After the interview, the producer wanted a shot of me walking near the office, so if/when this thing screens (next week, they say), and you see a tall guy in a blue shirt and red tie walking like a bear with a stick up its ass, that would be me.


I don’t get to do anything but look, anymore. Le Sigh

Hey, you may be soft-spoken, but you are straight-up the definition of articulate and erudite. I’m sure you did great, stick notwithstanding.

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