Trey and Matt talk to Xeni Jardin of Boing Boing on the eve of rolling the episode odometer. Looking back on a dozen years of respected and popular achievement, Trey accepts his fate: “We’re not punk anymore.”


Not a fan of their libertardian tendencies, but they did give us Terence and Phillip and the term “Canada City.”

@ManchuCandidate: They’re too right wing for me and I did not watch all of that clip (life is too short) but isn’t this idea the same as the final episode of Seinfeld? Oh, and the recap of moments from past shows? All sitcoms do it from time to time. Friends did it particularly well. So not sure what the ‘headfuck’ aspect might be. I try to like that show but I find it’s never as much fun as I’d hoped it would be.

BTW. Today’s quote? I am humbled.

I can take some of it. I don’t watch it very often like I did the first two seasons. They do some pretty nasty bits (for me funny) on celebrity and stupidity. Once in a while they do mock us libtards for well deserved things so I can’t really upset about that.

What amuses me the most regarding the show’s politics isn’t the show itself but that I’ve observed that most of the show’s RW fans are eerily real life Eric Cartmans (mostly pudgy, mostly white, deluded and callous to say the least.) BEEFCAKE!

@Benedick: @ManchuCandidate: That clip was about 5:40 more of South Park than I had ever seen before. Ever. I was overseas for at least ten of those “first” years, and even the inevitable teaser going into the Daily Show couldn’t draw me in.

It’s all been downhill since Beavis and Butthead, I guess is what I’m saying.

/get off my lawn/

I wished those hunters missed Bambi’s mom.

@NaBEEsko: Its been downhill ever since the epic battle between the Barbra Streisand transformer and Leonard Maltin, when the town was finally saved by Robert Smith of the Cure (who is referred to throughout the episode as “Robert Smith of the Cure,” because they knew that otherwise, noone would have known who he was).

LOVE South Park! Especially the episode where all the recently deceased celebrities are in a plane stuck on the runway b/c Michael Jackson won’t get on.

@NaBEEsko: Part of what made B&B so great was that, in addition to the aggressively puerile humor, there were the awesome(ly bad) music videos with MST3K-style commentary. That may well have been a sop to the network, since they actually cared about music back then, but it totally worked. I miss the days, post-Real World but pre-TRL, when, in addition to hours-long blocks of videos, MTV had a halfway-decent lineup of other programming (B&B, The State, 120 Minutes, The Head, Buzzkill, etc.).

Also, Kurt Loder is apparently a few months older than my dad? That’s weird.

@mellbell: Yeah, but after awhile, they stopped showing the videos, and that’s about when I stopped watching. Couch fishing was amusing, especially when they hooked their neighbor who ended up being Hank of King of the Hill.

Ren and Stimpy and Daria were my favorites.

@Benedick: Blame Eddie “Tenpole” Tudor

/braves the wrath of ‘Catt’s Overlords/

@mellbell: B&B was totally badass television, and yes, at a time when MTV still had some M in its TV. I never saw a lick of any of the “other programming” you mention except 120 Minutes which really was the only time MTV played to my tastes. That was on the air pretty much from the start.

Kurt Loder wrote for Rolling Stone when I was but a teenage biscuit, and he was Large. Once he started doing those news minutes things, meh, not so much.

ADD: @JNOV: one of my favorite episodes – aside from Cornholio, natch – was when they absolutely shredded a post-Smiths Morrissey. Sorry, but I was always a bit of a Morrissey h8ter – I like my navel gazing without so much black nail polish, thank you very much.

@Nabisco: Haha! There’s a new book of essays out where each writer takes a Smiths song and writes and essay inspired by it. As far as I know, Morrissey hasn’t commented on it yet. Shame.

LOVE Cornholio!

Think I might finish Consider the Lobster today. Heh.

@JNOV: How many people even had tasted cappuccino before Cornholio demanded that his people be free? That’s how long it’s been…

Are you threatening me?


Are you threatening me? My bunghole will not wait!


Get up and get a job and buy some good clothes!

@NaBEEsko: I went to law school with Mike Judge’s sister.

@JNOV: Mrs RML went to Texas Tech with the guy who did the voice for Dale on King of the Hill.

@redmanlaw: Is Dale the guy whose wife is constantly cheating on him? Yeah, cuz Boohauser (sp?) is the dude you can’t understand.

@JNOV: Boomhauer is Mike Judge himself, thats his voice.

I need TP for my bunghole.

@JNOV: They should revive King of the Hill, just so they can do an episode where Dale becomes a teabagger. In fact, the Teabagger movie, it should be a full-length King of the Hill episode. I think Judge, with his understanding for and sympathy for these rednecks, may be the only people who could be saying something worth hearing, if KOTH were still around, we need it now.

@Nabisco: I bet the bandaid was to cover a nipple piercing — bet MTV didn’t allow that back in the day.

I used to watch Jackass (I have a thing for Pontius), and Johnny Knoxville was tazed in one of the first episodes. If you watch a rerun, you can see that they’ve blurred out the areas where the tazer hooks or whateverthefuckthey’recalled enter his chest. I’m not sure why.

Anyway, Jackass lost me after the second season when Knoxville did the Jonny-on-the-spot gag. Blech.

In other Jackass news, I might be going to Bam’s club (kind of against my will) because somehow I’ve become part of the West Philly Small Band and Old School Nintendo Gaming Scene. Maybe it’s a midlife crisis or something.

@Prommie: Yes. Boomhauer. I’m trying to remember when I stopped watching King of the Hill. Didn’t that dead actress (I know, I’ve narrowed it down) do the niece’s voice. Brittany Murphy?

Yes, it was her.

Loved KoTH. In a small way it reminded me of life in rural Ontario. Khan and Minh were like seeing my materialistic relatives and parents’ friends as cartoons.

@Prommie: Judge comes from the distinctly non-rural Southeast Heights of Albuquerque. I think there’s more Vietnamese and Cambodians there than rednecks. Maybe there’s an empty lot to serve as the wide open spaces. His mom was an English teacher at Highland High (as seen on TV’s “Bevis and Butt-head!).

@mellbell: MTV would not say the title of Tool’s “Stinkfist” back in the ’90s. “The video achieved heavy rotation on MTV, although it was shown only with the title ‘Track #1’ instead of ‘Stinkfist.’ MTV reasoned that ‘Stinkfist’ is too offensive for public consumption. Matt Pinfield, the host of 120 Minutes, responded on air to the lot of email complaints from fans by saying there was nothing he could do about it. While he said ‘if you don’t know the name of the song, go out and buy the album,’ he was waving his fist in front of his face. When introducing the video, VJ Kennedy would also sniff her clenched fist dramatically before saying ‘Track #1.” Wikipedia article , “Stinkfist”.

Note to Capt. Howdy: Tool guitarist/Stinkfist video director Adam Jones used to work in special effects as his day job. He and his wife are still largely responsible for the video images projected on rear screens in the last couple of tours.

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