Malcolm McLaren, 1946-2010

Former Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren dies at 64 [BBC]

this is so sad for me. one of my heros.
Madam Butterfly is still on my play list.

He was a total dick, but gave us some great bands, including proto-Lady Gaga.

@NaBEEsko: Now I know we are brothers, I know no other Bow Wow Wow fan. But you cannot lust after her, she was what, 15? I have two Bow Wow Wow albums on vinyl.

Souix she and the banshees was not to be sneezed at, either.

And I still do love Adam Ant, Strip is one of my favorite songs.

@Promnight: We are few, the lovers of little Lwin and her band of brothers. She was 16, which means she’s now, what, almost 40? That’s old in Tiger’s Just Do Her world.

Souxie Sue was a great band, yes, the Anster but a passing fancy.

You know what’s funn(y)(iest) about 80s new wave/post-punk? Everyone danced like a dork, not just those of us of the pale persuasion.

@NaBEEsko: In all my playlists, you will find something odd, like “Louis Quatorze” or “Sexy Eifell Tower,” (that song is pornographic). I love the sound of that hollow body guitar, and that guitarist’s style.

@Promnight: damn but “Louis Quatorze” is great…have to search for “S.E.T”, don’t recall off the top of my head.

Oh yeah? How ’bout Pearl Harborn sans Explosions PLUS the Clash doing “Fujiyama Mama” . . . in Japan?

Then there’s the Japanese bluegrass version . . .

@NaBEEsko: S.E.T. is just Annabella moaning orgasmically, through the whole song. Its really sick, kinda, how much I like it.

@NaBEEsko: Hey, you could Go Wild in the Jungle, where you are, tigers and such.

@NaBEEsko: Anybody have any love for The Gits? Mia Zapata! “Second Skin”

Yee-haw, Stevens retiring.

Obama needs to find a strong condidate, someone really strong, big, like, 6’6″, 275 pounds, at least.

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