Hold the Mayo

Nina Totenberg: “When Justice Stevens retires, it is entirely possible that there will be no Protestant justices on the court for the first time ever.” [NPR]


So we’ll have 8 Catholics and a Muslim?

@Serolf Divad:
I hope the Muslim is going to be Clarence Thomas who suddenly decides to convert.

“Introducing Justice Shabbbaza X.”

What, I’m hallucinating? Oh well.

Dan Brown is calling his agent right now.

Speaking of Catholics, the new Cardinal for Los Angeles is a member of Opus Dei and has the same last name as a prominent Stinquer. Can we still buy dispensations, or did that kind of go away after that wet blanket Martin Luther bitched about them?

@Dodgerblue: Of course, he has a total fixation on the lady-bits (and ladies) and teh gheyz, per LAT, from his days running the archdiocese of San Antonio:

He denounced one Catholic university when it invited then-Sen. Hillary Clinton to campus, because she favored abortion rights, and another when it invited a Benedictine nun, because she had advocated the ordination of women. Under his reign, a local Catholic high school ended its relationship with an organization that raised money to fight breast cancer, because the same organization gave grants to Planned Parenthood. After a 17-year-old lay advisory commission created by his predecessor suggested that gay marriage might be a human rights issue under one reading of the church’s teachings, Gomez disbanded the commission.

Catholics are the untouchable anti-choicers, you see; the GOP discovered that if you nominate a catholic, you make it impossible to criticize their fetus-worship, because that would be bigotry. And they are the most intellectual of the religulous, as a rule, so they can actually obtain law degrees and some measure of academic respect, unlike your fundie dundies.

@Prommie: Was it Sully or Greenwald who mentioned that if Obama has to apologize for Wright, surely our political papists have to account for Ratzo?

seems fair

doubt Wright would have gotten very far with the petty gossip crap

there will be no Protestant justices on the court

Who will bring the bundt cake?

@NaBEEsko: …or the cheesy potatoes?…or the ham-on-bun?…or the jello mold with marshmallows in it, fer Jeebus’ sake??

@Mistress Cynica: Puh lease – we were Presbyterians, i.e. hat wearing vodka drinkers.

@flippin eck: I was going to go with “Ambrosia”, but the Jell-O mold (mmm, canned fruit chunks!) works.

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