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The Heritage Foundation downgrades the U.S. from a “free” country to “mostly free.” Right behind the lowest “free” country: Canada. [via Political Wire]


But don’t the other nations ahead of US Americuh have universal HC built around single payer?

“I’d love to comment, but I’m running late for the noon salah. Allahu Akbar!” replied President Barack Hussein Obama.


Even Candice Olson can’t save Canadia now.

How can Hong Kong be #1? Aren’t they a fully-owned subsidiary of Communist China?

And what’s up with Singapore being #2? It’s illegal to chew gum there, for god’s sake.

Well, they’re only ranking economic freedom, not anything else. I’d be interested to know how they come up with their ranking, except I really don’t give a shit.

It’s actually disappointing then that Canada City is ranked so high. Fatty McGoo, er, his royal fatness, um, Stevie Harper is actually trying to relax things even more because he wants us to be more Hong Kong than Hong Kong but the voters won’t let him.


Exactly – the Heritage Foundation doesn’t give a fuck about repressive laws for the individual, only for corps.

The US’s score is entirely influenced by the 25(!) point knockoff for daring to have a corporate income tax, and a bunch of Bachmann-flavored “the economy isn’t free anymore” nonsense. The rhetoric would have been justified if, come January 21, Obama would have sat the “Too Big To Fail” CEOs down and just nationalized their companies. As-is, it’s completely retarded. (in a satirical way, of course ;)

Huzzah, we’re slipping down the freedom corporate lawlessness list!


You don’t happen to be acquainted with Candice personally, perhaps?

Casa OA is in desperate need of a redesign. I’m picturing an incredibly glamorous Bollywood explosion, with a neutral, monochromatic colour scheme on the walls–maybe a light charcoal or a rich, deep bronze–with furniture fabrics and window dressings in teal, peach, tangerine, fuchsia and cinnamon.

My research indicates that she only works in Toronto, and not on an IKEA budget. Nevertheless, perhaps she’d reply to an overly-enthusiastic fanboy, such as myself.

@Original Andrew:
No. If I were, then you’d have to wait your turn as my house’s, er, decor (hahahahahahah) is strictly “Straight Guy” Mix and Whatever.

This is how those right-wing propaganda mills otherwise known as “think tanks” express teabag histrionics.

After all, the notion that America was a more “free” nation when we routinely waterboarded prisoners and shipped captives off to nations whose lax human rights laws allowed them to be interrogated under violent, physical torture is just laughable.

The notion that the apparently successful rescue of our faltering financial system makes us less “free” is also a joke.


I live in a 1928 Craftsman, so our current decor is aligned with the architecture. The interior colors and fabrics are in an Autumn theme, inspired by a scarf that I bought in Vancouver, with a shaker beige in the living area, a deep red in the kitchen, chocolate and pumpkin in the bedrooms, etc. It’s great during Seatown’s long, rainy fall and winter seasons because it’s very warm and welcoming, but after six years I’m finding it somewhat overly conventional and creatively stiffling. I’m ready to go BOLD (on a microscopic budget, sadly. Hep, Candice, hep!).

I’m downgrading the National Review from “Mostly Stupid” to “Idiotic”.

Alert the media.

@Original Andrew: Dear God, you’re planning to go bold? What the hell are you now? Our walls are all white. Apart from my study which is pink.

On a happier note, I had gum surgery this morning and got treated to a prescription for pain-killers. “Let me have the fun ones that go well with chardonnay,” I asked my periodontist. I just took one and am waiting for the happiness to set in.

Wow, I owe money to General Electric. Where do I send the check?

@Original Andrew: I love saturated color on walls…our dining room is tomato red with black trim, and the upstairs hallway a brilliant sunshine yellow. And the living room/stairs? Tiffany blue with white trim.

@Benedick: I hope you feel better. And I wish you would share.


It’s actually quite subdued, and many negotiations and compromises were made with Mr. OA, who’s quite conservative from a design perspective. You wouldn’t believe some of the dirty looks and lingering side-ways glances that I got when I broke out the pumpkin orange for the guest bedroom walls, with a medium cream for the wainscotting. True, it is scary when the paint first goes on, but 24 hours after the last coat dried, Mr. OA turned to me and said “I can’t believe it, but it looks really good!” Hell officially froze over that day.

Oh woe is me, here in this socialist world of no freedoms. I hope they have beets at the market today.


What’d ya get? Meprozine, lorcet, percocet, liquid morphine? I had meprozine when I had my wisdom teeth out, and I went on a trip I thought I was never coming back from.

Get well soon! (And don’t forget: sharing is caring.)

@Tommmcatt Loves The Giant Floating Head:

Whoa, Tommmy, that’s quite a combo! I love people who aren’t afraid of colour.

@Prommie: You will always have beets.

@rptrcub: Thank you. I only mention it in case I seem to become obsessed and go off on some tangent like – oh I don’t know – wrestling? so you’ll know what’s behind it.

Threat to kill Sen. Patty Murray over health car bill support gets Washington state man arrested.

@redmanlaw: Didn’t she shoot the wrong person? It was her husband who was staring, no?

BTW, Pope Ratzi has named a new Cardinal for Los Angeles. There’s no truth to the rumor that the retiring Cardinal is getting a Cub Scout troupe as a going-away present.

@Dodgerblue: For reals. BTW, did you see my post re: whether you knew a ConLaw prof named Horowitz at UCLA?

@redmanlaw: Missed it, sorry. What is his/her first name? I know a Cara Horowitz who teaches enviro law there.

@redmanlaw: Remind me never to visit them for any holidays. Religious or otherwise.

In United Soviet States, beets have you.


If you’d like to threaten your senator’s life, Press 1.

If you’d like to go on an anti-government tirade, Press 2.

If you’d like to prattle on endlessly about “no war” this and “help the poor” that (groan, eyes roll), please Press 3 to leave a voice message that no one will ever hear or care about.

Para amenzar a la senatora con el muerte en español, marké numero 5.

For all other requests, please hang up and don’t call again. BEEP!

@Prommie: Roast ’em, boil ’em, sprinkle ’em with vinegar or float ’em in oil. Red or gold them’s all good.

Dial R for Retread*.

(Trying out a new r-word)

@Prommie: I ate beets every day for a month in my days of no electricity and a pit latrine. It wasn’t until I got to a well lit flush toilet situation that I realized how really powerful that natural red dye really is. Thought I had dysentery….

Still love those (tubers?), but always look away during my ablutions.

@NaBEEsko: Eat to the beet.

/shows self out door

@Promnight: Well, thanks to you I spent the last two hours listening to Blondie, Suicide, Richard Hell and the Voidoids and Johnny Thunders. Now I fee like Minutemen and Husker Du but I need to go to bed. Glad I have not been drankin’, otherwise I’d be burning up the interwebs until 2 am.

@Original Andrew: I say go balls-0ut with the color. Mr. Pedo and I have muted orange and green in the living room, bright yellow in the hallway/stairway with accents of mellow purple, various shades of brown and gold in the spare room, two shades of green in the big bathroom (I know, green is not supposed to work in bathrooms, but we’re just renegades like that), and three shades of blue in the main bedroom. The kitchen is all about red, with yellow accents. Nothing is pastel, I just will not go there.

There are a few spots on the ceiling that still rock classic white, but we wanted to own this place. I was thinking classic Almodovar Madrid Penthouse when we were doing all of this. May come back to bite us, but who the fuck cares? We live here.

OTOH, we don’t have a classic 1928 Craftsman. Still, I think bold color can work for everyone, disseminated correctly.

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