Rollen Sie Heraus Das Faß

The fine village of Fucking, Austria, now has a fine beverage named for it!

“In German the word for a lager beer is a Helles beer, so we have also patented the name Fucking Hell, which means lager from Fucking, of course. I don’t understand why the patents office think of something else. They must have dirty minds.”

We think kids would be a lot more interested in geography if they knew about this.

Brewer Names Beer for Austrian Town [Newser, via Blogenfreude]

Update: Silent Creative Partner asks where Fucking, Austria, is exactly, so we’ve enlisted Google Maps to help:


this is exactly the kind of invaluable information I come here for

Post updated: All Roads Lead to Fucking.

And you thought Austrians have no sense of humor …

Google fail:

“We could not calculate directions between San Diego, CA and Fucking, Austria.”

I had a vacation in Bayerisch Eisenstein in Germany when I was there as a big wee lad. Not too far from Fucking.

It’s just down the road from Cöckgobbling. If I remember my geography aright. One exit from Kewnt on the autobahn.

@DB, Tommmcatt Loves The Giant Floating Head: I was going to say that I had a tossed salad for lunch but I think I’ll go home now.

Hmmm… the adjacent villages are “Wolfing” and “Haid” – there’s a joke in there someplace.

This also shed some light on where the Amish might get their peculiar place-naming habits (example).

TJ/Inadvertent headline fail:

Army chief sees defacto moratorium on gay discharges

I’m pretty sure that’s the way it’s been for a while. ;)

OK, it’s juvenile. It’s been a long day.

americans are so puritanical. the best we have is Intercourse, PA.

@baked: Better yet, you can totally avoid Blue Ball(s) if you go straight from Reamstown to Intercourse

+1 !!
did you notice how close paradise is to intercourse and blue ball?

@baked: Heh. The Amish can teach us a thing or two about what to do with all that time on your hands when you’re not putzing about with motorized parts, eh?

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