Alas, It’s Not What You Think

The story itself reports that the perp used “a fraudulent line of credit” to pay for the boob upgrade. Bastids.

[LA Daily News, via DodgerBlue]

‘Breast Heist” usually involves a larger cup size and a strap that sits lower on the back for more support … or so I’m told.

interesting job for the repo man.

can you imagine having to say this:

I’m not the messiah, says food activist –

no, really. Im not.

One wonders exactly what the court-ordered restitution involves. Was the judge thinking of Merchant of Venice?

Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church get their costs of litigation per Fourth Circuit decision against father of dead Marine whose funeral was picketed by the cray-zees.

unbelievable. saw that earlier. just unbelievable.
I was told if the SC agrees to hear the case the bill goes away unless they reinstate it.

This story shamelessly sensationalizes my deepest, darkest, innermost fears. Much worse than any fear of flying, or of terrorists, or of flying with terrorists.

That someone might steal my identity and use my good credit to purchase the surgery necessary to restore his/her body to its ideal state of hotness, leaving my identity in the lurch with its lumpy self.

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