Nojo’s last post brought back fond memories:

“The War of Ideas” … no IEDs in that one.


“I’m fighting the battle for ideas” = Me fight? I might get hurt. I’m too much of a man to actually risk life and limb for my convictions.

When I was younger and studying (!) to be an infantry officer, the one thing that struck me was that all the good leaders said “Follow Me” not “You first, I’ll cheer you on.”

The grunts in Nam had these guys labeled correctly.

Rear Echelon Motherfuckers or REMFs.

@ManchuCandidate: … bringing up the rear with the gear …

Not bringing any weapons to that battle for ideas, is he?

“You won’t see on college campuses as you did in the 1960s these rampant protests, these obstruction of classrooms…”

You would if we had the Draft.

Tweety should have punched his lights out.

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