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TPM has resorted to a dynamic Google map to track reports of major threats and vandalism — you’re invited to call it domestic terrorism — against Democrats.

Something like this really calls for a pool. And to get us started, Sarah Palin has provided the first entry:

A Guide To Recent Vandal Attacks On Democrats [TPM]

Don’t Get Demoralized! Get Organized! Take Back the 20! [Sarah Palin/Facebook]


Wow. Tainted, er, love.

Just a note for Stinquer lawrats. A little note like this gets you a serious visit from the cops in Canada City and a Human Rights complaint and mockery on the local news. You can talk about winning and targeting, but crosshairs are huge nono.

What do the red cross-hairs on Talibunny’s map mean? One of her followers already killed the Congresscritter? So lovely that John “No YOU CAN’T Permatan Boner announced that the Dem from the adjoining district in Ohio was a “dead man walking.”

I sure hope the GSA orders up extra security on April 19 for all the buildings across the country that house federal agencies.

@SanFranLefty: Per TPM (like Nojo, brave enough to visit Palin’s Facebook page), it means they’re retiring at the end of this term.

Allegedly, title of Sarah “Adult Onset Tardation” Palin’s TLC (I remember when it had all those cool Brit Science/History programs, sigh) show…


“The Land Runs Black With Oil, Red With Moose Blood”

what did the poor little mooses ever do to Talibunny?

Big surprise: Cub’s Gov sues over HCR, Rep gov goes it alone because Dem AG won’t sue and won’t join the other 14 states. Rumblings of “impeach the AG” crap making the rounds.

with the opposite happening in PA.
Rendel is going on teevee telling everyone the AG is paddling his own boat and pushing petitions to stop it.

What was that line RWers recycled from the 60s during the run up to Gulf War 2: The Clusterfuck?

“US America! Love it or leave it!!!”

@ManchuCandidate: If they’re looking for a country free of laws or regulations, maybe we can work out a swap with Somalia or Haiti.

One would think so.

Too many, um, Haitians and Somalis for their liking.

In another internet life, the RWers can’t shut about HC. I’ve listened to them scream the HC industry’s bullshit about how Canada City HC is horrible, etc, as I lie farting and belching as I recuperate from surgery. I refrain because I’d like to keep politics out of that life.

I can tell you what. I’m MORE satisfied with the Canada HC system now than before. Doesn’t mean I enjoy paying taxes (who does?) but I’ll rip a strip off anyone who thinks they can do better under the former US America system.

I am totally with you. when I was there I got the best health care I have gotten in years. for free. and I am not even a citizen.

@Capt Howdy:


/checks the dailies/

Da burgh? yep

Philly? Uh huh

Okay, but what about the “T”? You betcha

Corbett ain’t no front runner if he can’t get Philly, Pittsburgh or the Mississippi running in between.

But wait, there’s this for JNOV!

@ManchuCandidate: My cousin said on his FB that if the Senate fixes passed, that he would leave the country, to which I said, “bye.” I think he defriended me after that.

The Memorial Day cookout, if I go at all, is gonna be weird.

@rptrcub: Same thing here. AZ AG saying he won’t sue b/c 17 other states have already got it covered and the state doesn’t have the money for another lawsuit. Governor looking to call special session of state legislature to pass law forcing him to file suit. AG (D) and Gov (R) likely facing each other in governor race this fall.

@Nabisco: ZOMGZOMG! I’ve been totally planning to do that to my friend’s memorial tree for his birthday in May.

@rptrcub: We have no $$ for this kind of crap here in Cal.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Saw something yesterday where VA Dems were asking their Jeebus-freak AG how much the suit will cost – and rightly so.

Also, Cantor just on TV – blaming the media and accusing Dems of using teabagger violence to score political points. Enough already.

You know, say what you will about Kentucky politics (Rand Paul may well replace Jim Bunning, for fuck’s sake!), but there is a tendency for divided government: two Republican Senators, 4-2 split House delegation (with a close race in 2008 in the district sandwiched between the two Democratic-held districts), Democratic Governor and Attorney General (part-time Senatorial candidate and full-time hottie Jack Conway), Republican-controlled (but just barely) State Senate, Democratic-controlled State House of Representatives, etc. Meaning, for all its backwardness, ain’t no way Kentucky is signing on to this bullshit.

@JNOV: That’s a beautiful tribute to your friend.
@Dodgerblue: Do you think the marijuana legalization ballot measure is going to pass? The liquor and tobacco companies are lining up with the cops to oppose it.


And go where exactly?

I hope he knows that Texas isn’t really a whole other country (yet!).

@Bloggie — Cantor’s saying that somebody shot at his office last night.

(1) Beyond obvious and universally accepted — If true, that’s awful. Lock up that clown.

(2) Also obvious — Funny how Cantor says something about all this now AND claims that Van Hollen / Kaine are responsible.

(3) IIRC: I predicted on Sunday that the over/under on a Reichstag Fire. scenario was six days. I WAS FUCKING KIDDING, PEOPLE! Stop. Seriously — just stop. Threatening people is stupid.

@chicago bureau: The report said it happened Monday – so where’s the news coverage? Can’t keep something like that quiet. And, if it did happen, I’m betting a) Cantor put someone up to it; or b) some teabagger did it. As for scenario a), yes, I am that cynical, and Cantor is that stupid.

Police Concerned About Parliamentarian’s Safety
By John Stanton
Roll Call Staff
March 25, 2010, 12:09 a.m.

Tea party protesters are reportedly planning a protest at the home of Senate Parliamentarian Alan Frumin later this week, prompting Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Terrance Gainer to work with local law enforcement officials to ensure Frumin’s safety.

@Prommie: Since Gainer did such a bang-up job as Police Chief of DC in the ’90s, that doesn’t strike confidence in my heart if he’s coordinating the response.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: The Demoncrats here have FOIAed the communications between the guv and the Republitard teabagger attorneys volunteering to help him sue, so we’ll see how all of this turns out…

@Original Andrew: @rptrcub: He will be hard pressed to find a developed country without universal health care, but don’t let that stop him.

BTW, you’ve heard that Rush has claimed he never said he would leave the country if this bill passed? Daily Show interns standing by with tapes cued.

@Mistress Cynica:

Rush has the same view of history as the Joker from the excellent Alan Moore graphic novel Batman: The Killing Joke , to whit:

“If I am going to have a past, I prefer that it be multiple-choice”

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