A Rose for our Rose.

Remeber when Barbara Boxer was sent thousands of roses from supporters across the nation to thank her for calling attention to voting irregularities in Ohio? Well, this Friday (as in tomorrow) is Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s 70th birthday, and there’s a movement afoot to send her thousands of roses in gratitude for getting Health Care Reform through the congress. Daily Kos has the details, but it’s as simple as calling 1-866 596 186 and giving them your credit card info. For $10.00 they’ll send three roses. There’s also a website set up to promote the showing of gratitude.

You can order roses as late as this evening.


Raises a glass of… water?

Good for her. When you compare the speakers from the last 16 years or so, one realizes that she’s the only with a pair of brass ones. She got the job done and how.

I wonder if Newty Toot checks to see if his haven’t fallen off, if he can see them.

@rptrcub: My reaction too. I thought she was 74. Maybe it’s DiFi who is 74.

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