Walter Röhrl

A legend drives a near 30-year-old rallye car – if only I could drive like that.

Yes – I’m a gearhead – I admit it.


This is the kinkiest porn I’ve seen in quite some time.

I’ve been striving for 2110c displacement for years.

(…and does this signal that Audi intends to bring back the under-appreciated aesthetic of the Datsun?)

@Pedonator: They need to make an A3 with a rallye setup … I’d try it. I’d probably smack into a wall, but I’d try it.

When I was a young redneck in Florida, I had a Ford Gran Torino Super Sport, with a 351 Cleveland Cobra Jet, and a four speed manual, the Starsky and Hutch car was shit to this, it was, indeed, the car in Gran Torino, same year, I doubt that car had the Cobra Jet, though.

Thats no rally car, and I didn’t know what “drifting” was, but we used to race on dirt roads in a subdivision that never got built. We’d make out a track, but it was a subdivision, all square corners, and I learned how to muscle a big old hunk of detroit iron, with rear wheel drive, and an awesome amount of power, around a dirt track, as fast as humanly possible, with the rear end out there at a 45 degree angle, steering the front wheels, the rear end out there sliding around the corners, Until it was second nature. And I know I pushed it as far as the car and the road surface allowed, because, I often lost it and went plowing off the road into the scrub and sometimes into small trees, which would bend and never hurt the car.

All I know is, if I could get my hands on something hot, I just know it would come back to me.

Just put Crimson Trace lasergrips on a snub nose revolver. It’s a little Ruger SP 101, true American metal.

@Promnight: I once had a BMW 1600. Not a lot of power, but it could corner with just about anything.

@Promnight: I remember going out to a parking lot and trying to get the tail out w/ a Dodge Coronet w/ the 440 engine. Dad never figured out why the rear tires’ corners were worn down.

@Dodgerblue: You had a Beemer? You don’t seem the type. Admit it, was that in your ’80s yuppie going for firm partner days?

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