A Fool and His Hush Money Are Soon Parted

Step One:

[Utah] House Majority Leader Kevin Garn admitted as the Legislature adjourned Thursday night to a nude hot-tubbing incident with a teenage girl 25 years ago.

Step Two:

The Layton Republican said he entered into a confidentiality agreement with the woman in 2002 and paid her $150,000.

Step Three:

“She agreed to keep this 25-year-old incident confidential. Now that this issue is coming up again, it is apparent to me that this payment was also a mistake.”

We have a winner!

House Majority Leader Kevin Garn admits to incident with girl in past [Deseret News, via Political Wire]

Now the inevitable wait for additional shoes to drop begins – for some reason, I’m not thinking that a douchebag who thinks its a good idea to get *one* underage girl naked in the hot tub only did it once…

@al2o3cr: In 1985? When he was 28? Perish the thought!

TJ/ This is why women are better than men.

If it had been a male sports team they would have called the goalie a fag and laughed about it in the showers.

@Tommmcatt Say Relax: Ahhh….that’s sweet. I’m saying that with all sincerity.

Does this mean that all the sick, twisted, drunken acts of immorality and perversion which I engaged in when I was a lad are all like savings bonds, and they will mature when my co-participants run for congress, and I can go collect my $150,000 then?


@Tommmcatt Say Relax: On account of your orientation, your bonds are both more likely to mature, and more valuable. Me, I’m stuck with a bunch of confederate war bonds, and the less-valuable potential leverage of threatening to out people as enthusiastic heterosexuals.

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