Dirty Tricks Done Dirt Cheap

Nevada has a “Tea Party” candidate challenging Harry Reid. Teabaggers say the Tea Party candidate is a decoy run by Harry Reid’s minions. Harry Reid may be smarter than we thought. [CNN, via Political Wire]


I don’t know how smart Harry Reid is but I didn’t think he had the backbone to pull a rabbit like this out of his hat. If he actually did this to the GOP then I’ve seriously underestimated him as a politician. I’d like to see him be this hard core as Majority Leader.

..or could it be that the Republicans set Jon Scott Ashjian up as a stalking horse?

Who can say? Wheels within wheels, my friends. EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS WRONG!

This is spectacular:

“I don’t think Republicans own the Tea Party,” Ashjian tells CNN. “In fact I know they don’t in Nevada, because I do.”

Hilarious how the same yoyos that claim their teabaggery is non-partisan turn around and jump on the new guy because someone in his organization is a Democrat. Also, for a “grass-roots” party, they seem awfully preoccupied with who’s attended rallies and gotten “blessing” from their organization…

Any bets on how long before somebody brings up ACORN? :)

Snort! They make him sound like a Bond villian.

“You’re mad! You’ll never get away with this, Teabagger!”

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