Sinners Can’t Be Choosers

With DC’s gay-marriage law coming into effect Wednesday, Catholic Charities faced a dilemma: Do the right thing, or act like shitheads?

Hey, don’t get ahead of us:

Starting Tuesday, Catholic Charities will not offer benefits to spouses of new employees or to spouses of current employees who are not already enrolled in the plan. A letter describing the change in health benefits was e-mailed to employees Monday, two days before same-sex marriage will become legal in the District.

“We looked at all the options and implications,” said the charity’s president, Edward J. Orzechowski. “This allows us to continue providing services, comply with the city’s new requirements and remain faithful to the church’s teaching.”

We’d be curious to know whether they previously withheld benefits to Protestants or remarried Catholics, but we don’t have time today to shoot fish in a barrel.

Same-sex marriage leads Catholic Charities to adjust benefits [WaPo]

The very idea of gazing down from the cool slopes of heaven at those burning forever in the fires of hell is so utterly repulsive it stops me from being able to take seriously anything else they might have to say about morality. I don’t say that out of hate. I love all Catholics. Some of my best friends are Catholic.

All the more for the altar boys drug rehab and therapy and payouts.

@Benedick: To be fair, Max considers himself a Baptist — that was just the best image I could find.

And, well, he doesn’t think much of Catholics:

You know it’s too bad that some of you that go to the Roman Catholic won’t go to your priest and ask him,

“Are you a homosexual sir?”

Then again, asshole theocrats all look alike to me.

It’s really unfortunate, because they could’ve easily gone the Georgetown path (extend benefits to all “co-domiciled adults”), and all this cowardice does is reaffirm the homophobes’ belief that straight marriage needs to be protected against the evil homosexuals by shifting the blame onto them, i.e., “things were going great until you demanded special rights and mucked things up for the rest of us.”

Too bad this doesn’t apply to the D.C. congresscritters’ plum little health care plan. If it had given health care reform a swift kick in that rear, it could’ve been the one silver lining for this ugly, ugly cloud.

I think hell is more like a college production of Bent. With all the fun and joy taken out, of course.

The problem is, high school never stops, for too many people.

Marginally related:

Can a figure skater be “too gay”?

Apparently quite a controversy. :)

You want to see hell? Take a look at Rush Limbaugh’s big fat hideously decorated NYC apartment that just went on the market. OMG MY EYEEEZZZ!!!!

Total threadjack, RML, especially, and others, I have just stumbled across a music discovery, I am kinda blown away.

Its about Bruce Sprinsgteen, i am from jersey, I am required to love him, and have, lately, meh, still respectful, no wide-eyed fan.

Now there was that time he fucked over the E-Street band, went and did his solo with manufactured band stuff, and I paid no attention, during that period.

Now I see this Youtube of a live performance from this solo period, and I notice first, that its cleaner, and he is more clear and noticeable in the mix, when its bruce and 4 guys, as opposed to Bruce and his Asbury Park Marching Band.

But then, I notice, he is making a serious play for guitar god status here.

Watch this shit, I had never seen Bruce during this period, didn’t realize that he was clearly having a period of hubris and seeking to be more than he was, the typical solo thing, but then, I see this 3 minute guitar solo, and I see, he was really trying, he was reaching, he was going for it.

Watcha think?

@flippin eck: None of the people’s* representatives actually live here, though that sure doesn’t stop them from taking the homestead exemption or meddling in local school affairs or telling us how to run our (admittedly abysmal) taxi system or, returning to the topic at hand, railing against the city council for sanctioning gay marriage.

*Everyone but DC residents, that is.

@Mistress Cynica:

So much for Rush’s dee-lux double-wide in the sky. I’m sure this is exactly the loudmouth lair his listeners/victims imagine him retiring to each eve.

The furnishings and window treatments are quite over-wrought, but I must say those murals are absolutely exquisite.

And thank you, Gawker, for publishing photos of Jabba’s bathroom so now we can all imagine the hair-curling horrors which transpire there.

And why does the maid’s quarters orbit the apartment like some clandestine satellite?

@Benedick: The very idea of gazing down from the cool slopes of heaven at those burning forever in the fires of hell…

Kill sport. What other reason would one have for joining an organized religion?

@Mistress Cynica: Thank you for sharing that. I will have to see visit my optometrist tomorrow. I especially love the tiny old-fashioned tube-style teevee tucked into the upper corner of the bathroom. Sweet Jeebus, dude couldn’t spring for a 42″ flat screen in the throne room?

The very fact that he’s maintained this, um, palace for himself in New York City since 1994 speaks volumes. Asshole probably owns a fucking chateau in France as well.

@Pedonator: I, of course, was chortling over the Franklin Mint/Easton Press “fine leather” volumes decorating the “library.”

@Original Andrew: The furnishings and window treatments are quite over-wrought, but I must say those murals are absolutely exquisite.

Can you imagine anyone with that kind of wealth deliberately living in a place like that? Could you sit in one of those chairs without clenching your pucker? And what the hell is that giant pointy phallic obelisk doing in the (master?) bedroom?

As for the murals, uh…yeah, if I had a huge place in NYC the first thing I’d do is try to bring a bit of Miami into the mix. With cheap-ass palm trees and crashing waves painted on a bedroom wall. And, one can never have enough palm trees, so why not go ahead and use them for bed-posts? Too much is never enough.

@Mistress Cynica: I can only assume those “fine leather” covers bind his comprehensive collection of vintage Hustler magazines. One of them, no doubt, is hollowed out as a secret compartment for the Oxy stash.

@Original Andrew: …so now we can all imagine the hair-curling horrors which transpire there.

You mean like, when he soaks in the big tub for an hour, craning his neck to watch and curse BillO, until his skin is pink, hair softened, and then he shaves his pubes while he takes a shit and forgoes the bidet, because he arrogantly assumes tonight’s hired companionship will appreciate his particular musk down there when s/he goes down on him, and then, as he wipes himself, scattering semi-dry dingleberries over the marble tiles, he shouts out to his maid, “Conchita! Bring your toothbrush and sweep this mess up pronto, andale!

That is what you mean, don’t you?

Also note that Rush’s NYC penthouse of debauchery’s master bedroom has direct access to two separate full bathrooms.

Because three would be excessive.

Or perhaps the shit that spews out from his orifices is just too much for one ensuite to contain.

Conchita’s toothbrush can only do so much.

@Pedonator: Nothing says ‘Man of the People’ like a plaster copy of the Winged Victory.

@flippin eck: Can’t tell you how many of the bastards I’ve called to ask when they’re giving up their own socialized medicine.

there are too many people, and too few human beings.

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