These Are Not the Atheists You’re Looking For

One day they’re meeting with the President’s minions at the White House, the next day they’re swapping Bibles for Playboys in San Antonio. (Printed pornography? How adorable!)

Folks, if you wanna go without God, great. But organized atheism strikes us as akin to organized anarchy: You’re doing it wrong.

No word on substance of White House meeting with atheists [McClatchy]

College students urged: Trade Bible for Playboy [WND]


Can I just repeat what is probably my favorite headline ever? As an antidote to the satanic WND linque? Here it is:

Pastors Name Benny Hinn Sodomy Bonkmate.

There. Don’t you feel better?

Ever notice how poorly hung Adam is in that fresco?

Regarding the post, there seems to be an inverse ratio at work regarding groups of people and tolerance- the bigger the group, the less tolerant they become. One atheist at a time tends to be respectful of my beliefs, but get a few of them together- or get one that thinks he or she is speaking for the multitudes- and voila! Bill Mahr.

The right is a great example of this, but even lefty/free-thinking groups have this problem. Don’t believe me? Go veer slightly from the perceived lefty viewpoint over on TalkLeft or The Great Orange Satan and see how well your ideas are tolerated. Even better, try Firedoglake.

@Tommmcatt Say Relax:
Ever notice how poorly hung Adam is in that fresco?
See Nojo’s always brilliant alt text.

“. . . organized atheism strikes us as akin to organized anarchy: You’re doing it wrong.

I love you, Nojo! You are oh so right.

Here in Bloomington, IN, we are having a strange tug-of-war over advertisements on city buses. Some organized atheists bought ads saying “You can be good without God.” After much outrage from several varieties of organized Godbotherers, ads appeared that say “You can be good without God, but you can’t be saved without Jesus.” Makes me wonder what value there is in being “saved” (and what would Jesus have to say about it?)

@Tommmcatt Say Relax: Isn’t that to do with the classical ideal of the tiny peen being beautiful? Though I doubt it went down (such as) quite so well among the Band of Thebes. Those boys liked em big and juicy. So I’m told.

Even more than poor Adam’s weenis, I was noticing that his head is oddly small too. On his shoulders, I mean.


The Greeks liked the small, shapely peen. The Romans…not so much. (NSFW)

@Tommmcatt Say Relax: Kristof made a good point about tarring all Christians with one brush in yesterday’s column.


“godbotherers” +1 !!!

israel just turned down the unbelievably amazing gift of David due to his frank and beans blowing in the wind. such prudy foolishness from people who take their Big Scary Automatic Assault Rifles to the beach. ridiculous.

@Mistress Cynica: I think he’s being extremely kind. Whatever good work was done in Uganda, for example, has been recently demolished by the evangelicals. And now it has led to this.

organized atheists is an oxymoron, or, fuckingretarded. which should replace oxymoron. oxy: pimple cream, laundry additive, and recreational drug, stain remover. it’s a busy word.
this atheist prays to nature and karma, and for the best in human nature to prevail…for all peoples.
and i don’t need a crowd or special outfits.
at least i don’t see them as a threat, compared with the christofascists who scare me to death. i think they’re downright dangerous and growing more so in belief and in numbers. GODBOTHERERS.

@baked: @lynnlightfoot:

“Godbotherers” is a term from China Mieleville’s novels, is it not?

@Benedick: @Mistress Cynica: I do think he’s right, though, that secular liberals are quick to highlight the bad and quick to dismiss the good done by faith-based orgs. Groups like World Vision and United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) not only have a lot of resources at their disposal as far as programs and personnel on the ground, but are focusing their efforts on actual aid and development, not evangelization. A good example of this prejudice, in my opinion, is the uproar about the government’s faith-based initiatives office. People were so upset about the idea of federal money being funneled through faith-based organizations (who had to pledge to use the funds to not further any specific religious initiatives, mind) that they overlooked that those were the very groups best positioned to offer real help in their communities, if only they had the resources.

@baked: My father used to say it. That, and teaching me how to produce correct fart sounds are about the best things he taught me.

@flippin eck: One doesn’t dismiss the good. Unfortunately one doesn’t hear about it as much.

@flippin eck: Very true. That uproar also ignored the fact that many states have contracted with faith-based organizations for years to do a lot of social service work. Catholic Charities is a major social service provider for the state of Arizona.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: As they are in Los Angeles. They are not all altar boy diddlers.

@Dodgerblue: Another case of the stupid minority totally overshadowing the good majority.

@Tommmcatt Say Relax: Re “godbotherers.” I’m addicted to older British fiction, especially murder mysteries, and every once in a while I run across the term “godbotherers,” not for the first time, and am delighted all over again. Benedict says his father used it, and that sounds about right as far as when some wit first coined the term.

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