Shark Tank FAIL

Sort of like their economy:

(NEWSER) – A Dubai aquarium and shopping mall were evacuated yesterday when a mammoth shark tank cracked and gushed water in downtown Dubai. The 2.5 million gallon tank, promoted as an “indoor ocean,” holds some 33,000 sea creatures, including hundreds of sharks. Workers carrying life jackets rushed to the scene, and the glass panel leak was quickly plugged. The fish were not in danger, reports the BBC. The aquarium is located at the foot of the world’s tallest building, which was closed this month after an elevator accident.

Video after the jump:

That’s a frightening place, and for lots of reasons.

Visitors Flee as Dubai Shark Tank Cracks [Newser]

Not surprised. There is a reason why one doesn’t look up through aquariums.

@Manchu: Are you getting better pain pills yet? I’m so glad you took my advice to take the laptop with you to the hospital. Feel better soon!

Sharks can smell urine in the water better than blood. I wonder just how many people pissed themselves in fear?

Only so much drugs can do as my stomach muscles are pretty sore.

Made sense. I was actually using free wifi till the bastards suddenly realized that and made me pay. It’s $15 bucks a day. Jeez.

@ManchuCandidate: Wait – I’ve been on a project so I’ve not been around much … you OK Manchu?

Lefty and Manchu

SOOOO glad you’re both OK…and the ex and son of mr. cyn

Manchu, i’m taking pain killers for you. we feel better.
Lefty…i’ve been staring at the water there for hours, now i can go back to staring at the water here, thank FSM.


I am for now. Just drinking liquids.

I had a mass growing on my bladder.

For a while they thought I had a carcinoma in my bladder or an out of control inflammation they were telling me to live life without a colon.

Turns out it was caused by appendicitis. When appendicitis is considered a positive, it was pretty serious.

Thanks. It wasn’t easy to deal with.

@ManchuCandidate: Yikes – glad to hear it is all sorted.

When my mom had appendicitis, her Depression Era side kicked in and convinced her it wasn’t that painful. Ten days later I took a train down and drove her in for surgery. The ruptured app was lying on its side, and the doctor told me he got to it with a laparoscope … nipped out her gall bladder as a freebee. She is stubborn …

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