This is being pitched by TPM as an “attack” and a “testy exchange” by John McCain on Barack Obama at today’s Healthcare Circus Summit. If so, we need to read more Henry James.

Politico, which always has The War Room playing on infinite loop, prefers to run with the box score:

Republicans are watching the clock closely as Democrats have talked for nearly twice as long as they have so far this morning. Before Democratic Rep. Jim Clyburn started talking, the time of possession was:

Democrats: about 74 minutes
Republicans: about 37 minutes

We’re with Hitchcock on this: The whole event is a MacGuffin, an empty plot device to move the story along.

2008 Redux: McCain v. Obama At Health Care Summit [TPM]

Republicans watching the clock [Politico]


it is but it could also be pivotal.
and I actually think he is doing a pretty damn good job.

@Capt Howdy: MacGuffins are pivotal. They just don’t mean anything by themselves.

Ezra had the right take the other day: The point of the show is to put the politics of the issue back on track. The medium is the message, not the content.

I think thats true but I also think its really is important to address the idiotic republican claims in this very public forum. people are paying attention now. I think if he had done this months ago not as many people would have been.

Keep fucking that chicken, Barry.

Meanwhile, this is how political discourse is done.

You, sir, have the charisma of a damp rag…

Sport reference: Time of possession means nothing unless you can score some points and win. It does your side no good to hang on to the ball and turn it over to the other guy to make some points in a very quick and efficient manner. The fans will turn on the team who can’t deliver. I know some of you are already looking for paper sacks to wear on your head when sitting in the Dem section of the political arena.

I will remake a prediction I have been making here. they will pass a bill. this exercise today is to remove a republican talking/whining point.
it will contain the pre existing condition thing and that insurance companies can no longer drop sick people.
I personally think there still may be some surprises but even if there isnt that alone is enough to celebrate.

@Capt Howdy: Nice thing about winter tailgating is that the potato salad probably won’t kill you unless you aspirate it while vomiting in the bushes after too many beers and toddys.

When you thought it couldn’t get sleazier:
“Court officials have announced that the divorce proceedings that will end Jenny Sanford and South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford’s union will be open to cameras. “

the GOP is winning!!! wait . . .

POLITICO’s Glenn Thrush:

Eric Cantor’s spokesman Brad Daysping, a hockey fan/player, sees MSNBC’s programming switch as a harbinger of GOP victory…

BDayspring You know GOP is winning #hcsummit now…. MSNBC has switched coverage to women’s hockey. #hcr #ocra #handsoff #gop #tcot

UPDATE: A reader makes a good point: MSNBC announced before the summit even started that it would be switching to the Olympics at 2 p.m.

@Capt Howdy: Reason #3,945 why I don’t pay serious attention to Politico. Win the afternoon!

Yes, MSNBC announced yesterday that they’d be switching to their expensive Olympics programming in the afternoon.

Also: Both sides have previously scripted their responses to today’s event, and (yes) the Demrats have scripted their moves to follow. As long as Baucus/Stupak/Lieberman don’t fuck things up again, we’ll get a slightly kinder version of the Senate Bill.

@Mistress Cynica: So we couldn’t broadcast the Prop 8 trial. On account of how we’re all too sensitive and the mean homos might come and gentrify the neighborhood. But this we got to see. On Court TV with Nancy Grace.

I can’t believe I typed that. I have to go throw up.

@Benedick: I can’t believe you slipped in Nancy Grace. I would have overlooked that detail.

@Benedick: @nojo:

You know what’s weird? This morning the phrase “Nancy Grace Tentacle Porn” kept floating through my brains; and now this.


I thought the whole point of the exercise was to show the GOP for the worthless, corporate cheerleaders that they are, shouting the usual, “USA! USA! Health care USA best in world! Any change will result in everyone in America dying! Yes DYING! almost immediately! The 100% premium increases still make it an incredible bargain! Choose DEATH or the best health care in the world! Wahahahahahahaha!”

@nojo: Who is Nancy Grace? Will she make out with Jenny Sanford on TV during the trial?

@FlyingChainSaw: Who is Nancy Grace?

If you must ask, you don’t wanna know.

@Tommmcatt Say Relax: Oh, that lady. I’ve seen her a few times for about 2 or 3 seconds flipping through cable channels when I have to travel for business. It might soften up her image a bit if she takes a few minutes to make out with Jenny on TV after the trial.

@Benedick: A pity that so few people were in the room to hear this guy’s snark.

Was I the only one hoping some hapless Toyota driver would “lose control of their vehicle” all over the room?

Crash… back up *BEEP BEEP*… “slip” on the accelerator all over again…

Speaking of content-free, Tweety’s running MSNBC’s summit postgame show. (Keef is presumably dealing with Dad.) Fifteen minutes in, nobody has yet to say anything. Who won? Who lost? Who cares?

@Benedick: Wot? That sort of flagrant violation of Senatorial decorum would never sit well on the raging unlubed corporatist cock of the civilized oasis that is US America.

@redmanlaw: Sorry, as soon as I saw “Sport Reference” everything that came after was like some furriner’s incomprehensible squawks and bleeps.

@nojo: As long as Baucus/Stupak/Lieberman don’t fuck things up again, we’ll get a slightly kinder version of the Senate Bill.

Lieberman? Fuck things up again? What could go wrong? Anyway, what is a kinder version? Kinder to the insurance parasites?

@Original Andrew: No, you were not the only one.


Who is this Nigel Farange fellow? Some kind of tribal chieftain back on your home isle?

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