You’re Either On or Off the Bus

We’ve long suspected that Sarah Palin doesn’t write her Facebook posts, since they have little relationship to how she talks or tweets. (Footnotes? Really?) Soon our suspicion will be put to the test, when her chief spokesbot makes a positive difference and fights for all our children’s future from outside the governor’s office quits at the end of the month:

“While I had hoped to work together on so many more projects, time with my precious 2-year-old has been further minimized with the whirlwind commitments of all things Palin,” [Meghan Stapleton] told the SarahPAC staff. “I have done my best to scale back, but Isabella is now resorting to hiding my BlackBerry, and she shouldn’t grow up begging for a mother to start acting like a mother.”

Clearly Meghan needs the time off, because like she says, a whirlwind political life is not in the best interests of a young child. Wait, what?

Top aide to Sarah Palin resigns [Politico]

I feel the same way about my wood. You don’t get it that smooth and hard without work. With luck it might be erected tomorrow. There will be pictures.

Meghan is clearly going to be approached by half a dozen publishers for the tell-all psychobio of the Talibunny, the lost, wasted evenings of sniffing sterno with Todd, eating bags of McDonalds, fucking parking valets and random feral pets found in parking lots on the campaign and, of course, the bizarre satanic rituals Talibunny observes when the TV cameras aren’t trained on her.

you need to check out the front page of Drudge to see the “commotion” about the new Muslim Missile Defense Agency logo

@Capt Howdy: Shit, it looks more all “Thunderbirds Are Go” or something cool/future/space-y. Cue the “Fireball XL-5” theme.

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