Live from the Teabagger Convention!

We’ve been calling her Talibunny for so long — almost from the start, really — we’re astonished that we’ve never seen fit to use the Killer Rabbit to illustrate a Sarah Palin post.

Consider that oversight rectified.

And what better moment than now to drop in on a bunch of crazy people pretending to live in the Dark Ages? Because starting at 9 p.m., and continuing for two tortuous hours, Fox News will be broadcasting Talibunny’s speech live from the National Tea Party Convention. And because we have nothing better to do, we’ll be following along with our Open Thread/Holy Hand Grenade Launcher.

Need more incentive? Palin will be introduced by Andrew Breitbart, who pays the ACORN Pimp’s salary, if not his lawyer’s bill. And we think Palin will be accompanied on stage by Joseph Farah, porn-stached proprietor of WorldNetDaily.

It just doesn’t get any better than this. And if it does, there’s always the Ark.


Hosted by Geraldo!

Who, to his credit, mentions the six-figure speaking fee, and other speakers pulling out.

Hey, everybody, it’s Joe the Plumber! When’s the sex tape coming out, Joe?

Scott Brown was “just a guy with a truck and a passion to serve our country.” That, and a Cosmo spread.

“Conservative election sweep”, “O for three”. NY-23 doesn’t count.

Never mind. I’d rather watch Steve play “Jade Empire” for like the millionth time.

Talibunny’s trying to frighten us about the Underpants Bomber now, bringing up the Miranda canard, not mentioning the reams of intelligence he’s spilled.

First child-prop mention: No, not Trig. The one who’s in the Army. The one we never hear about.

@nojo: Yeah. Fuck that shit, man. I’d rather watch Steve play Fallout III for the millionth time.

“To win that war, we need a commander-in-chief, not a professor of law standing at the lecturn.” Wild applause.

What’s this have to do with taxes and deficits?

Folks overseas striving for freedom “wonder if Alaska is still that beacon of hope for their cause.”

Alaska? Did I hear that right?

More foreign-policy talk. Talibunny, you’re no Cheney.

Now we’re into populist economics. Bashing the bonuses! Just like Obama!

Wasn’t this the same Fox that felt it was OK to cut away from Barry pwning the Rethugs at their “retreat” before it was over. Good to see they have their priorities straight…

@al2o3cr: The same. Although Billo will counter that the other networks cut away from Scott Brown.

Soon as she switches to domestic policy, the nonsequiturs start rolling in…

“Generational theft”: The catchphrase you didn’t hear until the thieves left office.

HCR: “meaningful, market-based reforms.” Except the ones that work.

run-on, run-on, run-on, applause line, run-on, run-on, run-on, applause line…

Her best speech remains the one they handed her to read at the GOP convention.

And that’s it. Happy 99th birthday, Saint Ronnie!

But wait! There’s more! Looks like some Q&A coming up…

Could she wear a shorter skirt? No. No, she couldn’t.

“It would be wise of us to be seeking some divine intervention in this country.”

Oh, and don’t be afraid of “political correctness,” she says.

In which case: RETARD!

Todd isn’t a “registered Republican.” That mean he’s still AIP?

Geraldo: Palin is “taking on President Obama’s perceived policies of big government and higher taxes.”

“Perceived,” Geraldo? Is Ailes not watching?

Q&A’s over!

Hope that was worth $550, gang.

Geraldo: Palin is “an extraordinary half-term governor.”

Geraldo’s on a roll!

The fucking lapdance! Fucking Talibunny, when’s the fucking lap dance, sweetie!? Give us a fucking sieg heil and a lap dance!

@nojo: Dude, you deserve a medal for being the liveblogger of one on this. None of us were physically, psychically, or emotionally capable of going there. Much like I worry about Bloggie’s trips to the RW nutbag blogs, I worry about you doing this for Team Stinque.

Let’s go look at photos of doggehs and bunnehs and flowers on the Stinque Jam. Thank you so much for doing that. We need to do that every couple months…

@SanFranLefty: Spare the medal for the follow-up, coming soon…

@nojo: Dude, I’ll try and rustle you up some arrak and a lotus flower for my return, you deserve it. If nothing else, you noticed how SarPal re-introduced her not-so-subtle tramp stamp into her sprint to a middle finish in the 2012 race.

@nojo: I’m awash in… well, something. That you sat through it. And shared! Dude. Impressive.

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