Friday Funnies with Olympia Snowe

Comedy Central needs to sign her for a series now:

Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) said Friday that she has been in conversation with Democrats and Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus about a way forward on health care reform.

“I have talked with several of my Democratic colleagues, including the chairman of the Finance Committee, just sorting through these issues, and the process, and what will unfold,” Snowe told Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC Friday afternoon. “Hopefully, [Democrats] will take measure of what needs to happen now, build some support, those things can happen so that it’s not [so] breathtakingly expansive that [it] creates consternation by the American people at a time will can ill-afford intrinsic costs.”

Fuck, that’s hilarious! Excuse us, we need to pee. Or something.

Snowe talking to Dems [Politico]


Right, she could tell how serious and dedicated to passage Lieberman was by the way he grabbed her pig tails and fucked her face.

I’ve been to Maine, and you’d think those people would not have elected senators as ignorant as Collins and Snowe. I doubt that either of them has brought anything useful home for their state, like FUCKING HEALTH INSURANCE!

@blogenfreude: Maine is rich in tar-paper shack housing, plywood churches and toothless meth addicts. What else does it need?

Folks, I guarantee that some 60-80% of the GOP Senators and Congressmen would vote for this bill as it currently stands if it had been proposed by a Republican. Opposition to the current bill stems from a desire by the GOP to deal the president a defeat and claw their way back into power.

I’ve suspected for a while that this bill may yet be passed with just the minimum necessary GOP support. This is likely the reason why the Dems decided to not “rush” the bill through congress before Scott Brown is seated. They’d rather pass a bill with at least one GOP senator on board, and Scott Brown’s victory, ironically, makes that more likely now.

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