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He convinced me to go here and send more money to help.

And someone should remind Rush that we helped install the dictators he’s railing about:

While Bush can lead a sorely needed hand to help assist raising funds for the recovery effort, it’s also important to recall the former president’s legacy on the island nation. Under Bush’s watch, the democratically elected leader of Haiti, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, was deposed by a military coup led by rebel elements, which the Bush administration and allied groups supported. Following the coup — after which looting “cost Haitian businesses hundreds of millions of dollars,” over half of the country’s police “officers quit,” and the price of rice “more than doubled” — Aristide was interviewed by CNN and described his Bush-ordered exodus from the country as a “coup d’etat.”

Ah, the benefits of GOP rule!


Wow, it’s 9 am and we already have a DOTD? Shouldn’t we wait and see what Robertson says when they wheel him out for today’s 700 Club?

@SanFranLefty: Robertson is still in that
Darth Vader thingy they use to swap out his fluids. And what could be worse than this hideous recommendation? What does he have to say to lose advertisers and stations?

Hey, baked: IRC has put up a Family News website to help people who have loved ones missing in Haiti. Thinking of you and Monica.

Limbaugh does not sound good, seriously. He sounds as if his hearing is much worse than he admits, and he cannot really hear himself, and he sounds weak and even somewhat tentative.

The editor of the National Enquirer appears weekly on the Howard Stern show, and when he appeared this morning, Howard was discussing both Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh’s remarks on Haiti. And as slimy as that publication may be you would have perhaps begun to respect or even like the editor, who responded immediately with genuine rage, and sputtered, this is a quote, “those fucking scumbags.”

But what was interesting was that he then proceeded to throw out some strong hints that the Enquirer is about to publish a major story stating that Limbaugh is back on the hillbilly heroin.

Yay, I say, yay.

@Prommie: I’m looking forward to it. And hey, I’m not gonna be an Enquirer snob. I loved that they were right about John Edwards.
You know, it’s kinda interesting to me to see that other so-called journalists (who couldn’t kiss enough Dubya ass back in the day) claim to have high and mighty standards about what they write and paying for sources and whatnot but they now get routinely scooped by publications like the Enquirer and TMZ … which are far more profitable. So much so, that even now the New York Times is trying to get in on the salaciousness while claiming to write about it as a story about the coverage of the salaciousness (e.g. the Orszag babymama drama.)

OT: Tetris fans – try this. Space bar rotates the block. I sucked.

@Prommie: The Enquirer has been right about enough stuff, that I believe a Rush-on-Oxy story. Just wish it comes out sooner rather than later.

@Dodgerblue: Just delete the “rel” at the end of Bloggie’s linque. It’s a little too addictive, especially when I have shit to do.

@SanFranLefty: Thanks! I have many conference calls today — this is a life-saver.

I wish I hadn’t listened to that. I hate these assholes.

WARNING: Bummer post and a graphic quote are about to appear.

You know, I feel like my hatred for Rush and Marion “Pat” Robertson has been at a slow boil for the past 24-28 hours, with intermittent spurts of wanting to go all FlyingChainSaw on their asses.

Then I watched Kieff Oh tonight, and saw the footage of Rush Limbaugh imploring his loser listeners to not donate to any Haiti relief efforts.

I lost it.

I fucking lost it.

If you heard screaming or crying from the direction of the Bay Area, ’twas me.

I thought of the bodies stacked in 9 foot high piles, bloated, and festering on the sidewalks of Port-au-Prince as if we were back in Auschwitz,
the pictures of the dead babies and toddlers by the doors of the hospitals as their grandmothers wail over their fragile little bodies,
the Facebook and email updates from beleagered doctors at Partners in Health and Doctors Without Borders and the Red Cross begging for antibiotic cream and bandaids.
I thought of baked’s dear friend’s missing son and family, and baked’s other Haitian friends’ families, I thought of the lovely Haitian woman I lived next door to in college and her family.

And then I read this in the New York Times, and really lost it. It is taking all of my self-control to not go to Virginia Beach and whatever hillbilly-hellhole of Florida Rush lives in and bashing in their heads with an aluminum baseball bat.

The horrific quote:

Dr. Irwin Redlener, a professor of pediatrics at Columbia University’s medical school who is also the director of the National Center for Disaster Preparedness and the president of the Children’s Health Fund, said he feared for the children of Port-au-Prince.

“Something like 40 to 50 percent of the population of Port-au-Prince is kids,” he said. “Kids are much more fragile — a 30-pound block of a wall that would only seriously injure an adult will kill a child. They die much more rapidly of dehydration, of loss of blood, of shock. An infection will cause explosive diarrhea, which can kill a trapped child. Everything about this is devastatingly worse for kids than for adults.

“There’s a 72-hour window for getting people out of rubble before you have a huge increase in fatalities,” he said. “We’re already at 48 hours, and I’m seeing on TV locals with a shovel trying to free a child and debating whether they would have to amputate the leg themselves. Where are the search-and-rescue workers? Where are the medical teams?”

Fuck You Rush and Pat. To wish you to burn in Hell would imply that you have souls, you fucking asswipes. It’s the 14th day of the year and I think you have definitively won and will share the Stinque 2010 Lifetime Golden Anal Pear Award.

I leave it to Brother Chainsaw to really preach it.

@SanFranLefty: Those incestuous sons of dogs* in their audiences were never going to give a dime anyway, despite extolling “private charity” as the answer to the world’s ills. Fuck ’em. Don’t waste your hate.


@redmanlaw: Don’t insult dogs like that. Dogs are sweet compassionate faithful creatures.

These asswipes are the smegma and santorum of a Hitler-Satan fuckfest.


what you said.

also, two el al jets landed last night with supplies and a delegation of 121 israelis.
forty doctors and 5 search and rescue teams complete with dogs.
if anyone is experienced in pulling people out of rubble, it’s them.

@SanFranLefty: The horrifying thing is that the rescue teams are arriving but because of the massive destruction are having great difficulty getting to people. I can’t even imagine their level of frustration.
@baked, @SanFranLefty: The US team from Fairfax VA were among the first to arrive in OKC after the bombing, and they stayed until everyone was accounted for. We used to buy them drinks every night after work. I remember one of the dog handlers saying that after several days they had to get one of the team to hide in the rubble so the dogs could find someone alive. The puppies were getting depressed by only finding the dead.

@Mistress Cynica and baked: Mr. SFL works with someone who as a hobby raises and trains German shepherds to be search-and-rescue dogs that end up going around the world. The coworker went to NYC after 9/11 and reported the same thing – the puppies were so depressed they had to start hiding living people for the dogs to find. That was heartbreaking. :(

I don’t know if they need helicopters or what – the roads are such shit it sounds like everything is piling up at the airport or the rescue groups are landing in Jamaica instead.

@baked: Google has set up a site for people looking for relatives and friends:
Sending love to you and Monica.

@SanFranLefty: What’s particularly horrifying to me is the fact that, out of their frustration with the delayed relief efforts, some of the victims are blocking the roads themselves. The Beeb is reporting that one of the roads was purposely blocked by a pile of bodies. It’s absolutely the stuff of nightmares.

@Mistress Cynica: @baked: CNN is now taking down the names of people they encounter on the street and are putting them on their website under “I’m alive”. Saw a clip about it today. Monica should most definitely monitor that site too.

@SanFranLefty: They better not put that Pearl Jam song on underneath as the backing track.

@redmanlaw: Or the Sarah McLachlan song the Humane Society plays when showing pictures of abused animals

@SanFranLefty: LOL. And, with that, I’m out of the office until Tuesday AM.

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