Yeah, body scanners will solve all our problems:

(AP) A passenger inadvertently carried shotgun shells onto a Dallas-bound Midwest Airlines plane at Milwaukee’s airport on Monday before he realized his mistake and alerted flight attendants, authorities said.

The man, who was not identified, did not mean any harm, saying he had forgotten that the ammunition was in his carryon bags when he boarded the flight, Transportation Security Administration spokesman Jim Fotenos said.

An MSNBC report said that the passengers were upset that the TSA didn’t search the plane before it took off in case the man had secreted something.

And I just love this bit:

[A spokesman] said the TSA is reviewing how the passenger got the ammunition through pre-boarding security searches. He declined to identify the man or comment further. TSA policy prohibits passengers from having firearms or ammunition in their carryon luggage.

And Senator DeMint doesn’t want to pay TSA screeners too much – then we might attract better recuits that could find fucking shotgun shells. Idiot.

Man Boards Flight With Shotgun Shells [CBS]

Shotgun shells are not terribly dangerous by themselves — it’s only when you get that open-ended tube around them that things get interesting. If you set one off independently of an enclosed space, it would go pop and a few people might get burnt or cut, but it wouldn’t be any kind of terrorist weapon.

It does speak poorly of the TSA that they’ve let (yet another) dangerous object through security. Again. But then, we’re paying for Security Theater, and we’re getting Security Theater. No one takes this shit seriously, right?

It’s pretty obvious that the TSA fucktards are klutzing out so they’ll be a demand for full-body nekkid lady scanners that will finally allow them to sit down, watch TV and jerk off all day long and get paid for it.

@IanJ: You do not fuck with a streak. Its a streak, that you do not fuck with.

@IanJ: N0t so much the shells, but what the hell else is getting on?

@Prommie: When TSA went crazy over blades I laughed. It’s hard to stab someone to death with anything less than a really big fucking knife but anyone with solid arms and shoulders can garrote someone to death with a piece of lead wire – which can easily be cleaved into the piping around the edge of a carry on bag or sewn into the waist band of a pair of slacks. One wrap and a long ugly pull and the victim is gone.


If I was one of the parents who had to leave their kid’s plastic “Pirates of the Caribbean” sword behind because it *might* be a weapon, I’d be mighty pissed.

Between this and the guy in Europe with 96g of RDX, I think it’s time we dropped the “our flights are secure” premise…

@blogenfreude: What the fuck is DickWithTits supposed to say at a fucking hunting convention

@blogenfreude: SCI is basically the rich asshole end of the hunting spectrum, proctologists who like to go on safari to shoot rhinos with a Rigby .416 double rifle and all that. SCI is also involved in a big horn sheep program back at the ancestral home under which aforementioned rich assholes pay the tribe $20k or so for the opportunity to hunt one of those fine creatures on our land above timberline. I hear some of the homies poach one now and again. My dad raised us not to trophy hunt, so that’s really something I couldn’t go for. I would never shoot a lion, bear, mountain lion, cheetah or whatever just to have it stuffed and keep around the house.

That being said, I do look forward to getting my Sports Afield magazine in the mail and reading about such adventures. Son of RML will be going hunting with me this year and shooting with his camera although he is a fairly decent shot and loves to eat game.

@Tommmcatt is hunkered down in the trenches: Really, is this the one that eats pussy? Maybe the organizers think that the conference delegates will pay a buck or two to sniff her face.

Maybe I should get those 9mm shells out of my brief case . . .

@FlyingChainSaw: No, the one that’s out of the closet isn’t let out of the house.

@redmanlaw: I sensed you’re not in that crowd.

And hunters should hunt – not have animals driven in front of them so they can shoot them. Cf. Cheney.

@blogenfreude: After all, it’s called “hunting”, not “shooting animals”.

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