Liz Cheney Rudely Reminds Us That Her Father Was Once Capable of Orgasm

This happens every time she shows up on one of the Sunday handjobs in her role as Living Facebook Page for her Dick of a dad. Here Liz points out that the presidential response to a failed underpants bombing is much more distressing than reading a children’s book while three thousand people die.

Liz Cheney Airs Hypocritical Attack Ad On Obama For Waiting ‘100 Hours’ To Respond To Terror Plot [Think Progress]

Fuck no. He had a cabana boy jerk him off into a turkey baster and had it delivered to his wife Lynn, the lesbian porn author. Then he had the cabana boy slaughtered, dressed and served with cranberry compote. Unfortunately, he forgot to clean the baster and apparently Liz got some DNA from the turkey, which explains her commanding intellect.

It was a failed cockbomb. What is Barry going to do? Unleash nuclear hellfire on Yemen?

BTW, why hasn’t Cheney caught the anthrax terrerwrist of 2001? Whoever did that (wink wink) actually killed people instead of just frying their own balls.

Oh, and eewwwwww on the title however true it might be.

the single most compelling tell, amidst a mountain of other evidence that They knew about IT, is he did not jump up the second a whisper in his ear told him we were under attack. he sat there for 7 entire fucking minutes. i guess maybe he really wanted to know how ‘my pet goat’ ended. and no, i’m not over it. ANYone ANYONE would have involuntarily jumped to their feet. amirite?

@baked: Are you kidding?

Bush had let his national security people know very clearly that terrorism was not something he wanted to be bothered about. Sure, people knew, but the commander guy told them to sit on their hands because otherwise the outgoing Clinton administration would have been right and everyone knows that Democrats are never right.

I don’t think the attack happened because Bush necessarily wanted it to happen. It only feels like that because his administration successfully made his catastrophic failure the centerpiece example of why he was such a great president. It sure made people forget — at least for a while — about the extraordinarily questionable circumstances of his becoming president in the first place. Mighty convenient, eh?

I have never understood why Bush had such enormous favorable ratings in the aftermath. The people of this country are deeply stupid.

@baked: @karen marie: Now you two know there were no terrorist attacks in the US during the Bush years. I’ve heard any number of people saying that on the TV recently so it must be true.

The anthrax was sent to Congress so it doesn’t count as a terrorist attack, more like freedom fighting. Context is everything.

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