Action Fast Rear End

It’s not what you think it is:

I remember maybe one of these surviving to inhabit my high school parking lot – FoMoCo’s attempt at a Dodge Charger beater along with the Torino GT (same car as in Gran Torino).  In the end, not so much.



No memory of that whatsoever. How many kids could you shove into it for a pizza trip?

@nojo: Probably six … also, may I add, Rod Stewart turned 65 today. Truly horrifying on several fronts.

@blogenfreude: Rod’s behind the pack — when do rockers start rounding 70? That will raise eyebrows.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Technically that counts, but, you know, Ringo…

The Official OMG Date looks to be July 26, 2013. Mick.

Was this an ad on TV? Great stuff. Car appears and bikini glad yummies jump out of the shadows for a beach orgy lit by a satanic bonfire. Can you imagine this airing today without three weeks of condemning coverage on Fox?

@nojo: Have you ever seen Ringo live? I went to one of the “Ringo Starr and His All Star Band” shows 5 or six years ago, just to make sure I have at least seen the 2 surviving Beatles. He is a great drummer, he really did add something to that mix. No amazing technical proficiency, but his beat is somehow slinky, just a bit swingy, just a hint of something pre-reggae, and it really shows when you see his show, sometimes he is behind the drums, sometimes he comes up front and sings, and when he is not drumming, its not there, but when he is, something is definitely there. Ringo is a cool cat, I do not like to see Ringo dissed.

i had an opportunity to pestork rod stewart when i was 15 at the el conquistador in puerto rico. he hung with us, my dad, who hadn’t a clue who he was kept making fun of his hair (days of ‘faces’)
i looked at least 18, but i passed. dammit. he was hottt, i was a baby, all my life i could’ve claimed rod as my first. i fucked up. ended up giving it to some guy named harry, swear.
65? dayum.

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