Erick Erickson on Colbert


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He isn’t terribly bright, you’ll agree.


Jon Stewart, on the underwear bomber: “If the bomb works, there’s gonna be 72 very disappointed virgins.”


It’s like watching Colbert interview a plastic bowl full of unflavored gelatin.


New scanners break child porn laws

The rapid introduction of full body scanners at British airports threatens to breach child protection laws which ban the creation of indecent images of children

What a bland little man. Such vitriol comes from that chubby, cornfed face?

its the happy chubby cornfed faces you have to watch most closely

@Capt Howdy: Must check CSPAN for the debate in the House of Commons.

@Capt Howdy: Wait till the story hits the paper of a cheerleading squad being asked to go through the scanners 124 times before they were cleared for the gate.

@Capt Howdy: @IanJ: If I had to be wary of everyone with a chubby corn-fed face, I wouldn’t be able to leave my house most days.

@flippin eck: Ohhh, Chicago, land of the corn-fed boys. Some of my Ess Eff gheyz do (so to speak) annual or semi-annual trips to the Second City for them. Thanks to the wonderful Chicago Stinque crowd, I know where to send my gheyz to party on the north side for corn-fed-gheyz of all races, strong cocktails, gay pron on the teevees, and trancelike dance music. I mean out in public, besides Homofasicst’s apartment. (I kid, HF, I kid, you know I love you and want to be your full-time FH).

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