Happy New Year!

Hey! Watch it! You can take out someone’s eye with that cork!


Smartfood and vodka at midnight … we could do worse – listening to fireworks from Central Park. NYC wishes you a Happy New Year.

Why is everyone waving blue balloon penises in Times Square?

@blogenfreude: Annual midnight run at Central Park. Clothed. Wimps.

Mojitos, stuffed peppers and lots of Mediterranean food here. Romanians, Bosnians and maudlin Russians, sheltering from the Pennsyltucky firearms show. My little nabiscos made it past the witching hour, fueled by baklava and the shock of seeing Dick Clark’s animated corpse. I like all the fishnets I’m seeing on ABC, especially this Fergie…

Is Rush dead yet? Will my head hurt tomorrow?

Noj, I’m loving this Stinque mobile!

Checking in from Santa Fe, where we rang in New Years in the EDT, CDT and MDT with some decent sparkling wine, fireworks, and a backyard bonfire. Mrs RML took me to a party where we were about the youngest people there; pretty old and square. Went snowshoeing and got a knee xray. The doc called with my report while I was standing at the boundary of the Pecos Wilderness at 10800 ft altitude in showshoes to tell me it looks ok except for arthritis. Yay.

Happy New Year, all. Midnight PST.

Aloha and a gut yor from Kihei, Maui! I’m sitting on the beach, watching the fireworks from the fancy hotel a few miles south of us. May 2010 be a better year for everyone!

thanks to nojo and all the stinquers for being a very bright part of an otherwise shitty year, love you guys and wishing you all peace and happiness in this new year. xoxo

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