Caught on tape Saturday in DC, spirited street performers reenact the juggernaut of healthcare reform moving slowly through the Senate while Republicans do what little they can to annoy their Democratic colleagues:

The off-duty detective, whose name has not been released, was driving past a snowball fight in the city when his Hummer was hit by snowballs. He allegedly stopped the car, got out, and took out his gun. He also pulled out a walkie-talkie and called for backup.

We really can’t improve on TPM’s succinct description, with a morsel of deliciousness in every clause. All we can do is savor Hummer… gun… backup… as slowly as possible, making sure not to miss each nuance of cascading wrongness.

D.C. Cop On Desk Duty After Pulling Gun At Snowball Fight [TPM]

How does that fat fuck stay on the force?

was just watching this with my co-workers.
I wish I could say its unbelievable.

Stuff like that makes me think that humans de facto fascists.

a holiday story to warm yer heart.
the other day we somehow got on the subject of AIDs and the friends I had lost to it. of all the friends I lost one stands out. we were never intimate in “that way”. he was in every sense my best friend. the person who knew me best and that I never had to explain myself to. the one that can never be replaced in a way that somehow goes beyond even a partner. I still miss him every day.
this morning I got this from his mother. when Don was 16 he got a girl pregnant and they gave the child up for adoption. 39 years later the family now meets her. and her 21 yr old daughter…. Don had a one year old granddaughter when he died but he never knew it.
the mail:

Hi Ruth:

I didn’t get much sleep last night because I was so energized from Michele’s and my meeting.
I’m quite tired today and have preparations for company tomorrow..Been needing to take little breaks on and off today. I don’t have the energy for the telephone today, but really wanted to share my joy.

What can I say?? We had a wonderful time. We really and truly like each other. What a great day it was and we both want to be each others’ life in a big way and plan to do so..

One thing that happened to me was very , very special that I needed to share and maybe its best to do so in writing.

I think I told you that I have had dreams about Don on and off since he was very sick.
Its not a regular occurance, but over the last 20 years I can say that he tops the list in dream appearance.

The night before I saw Michele I had a dream about him, which really didn’t surprise me.
I told Michelle. As soon as I did I could see his spark and his essence in her looking right back at me..It was so amazing. Its easy to see myself in her, but here I was seeing him just as vividly. Of course I told her and that totally pleased her..

So thank you once again for all of your loving efforts that have made my life so complete.

Will be in touch.

Reminds me of some 20 years ago (holy SHIT!) that a bunch of us frosh (freshman to you US America types) were dealing with our first batch of Xmas exams.

On a Sat night, a bunch of us in the all male dorm decided to play football in the snow outside our dorms. All was well for an hour or so till another group of guys from another dorm decided to ambush us and turn it into a snowball fight. Within about 20 minutes there were about 80 guys and some females throwing snowballs at each other in a melee. That was till one idiot (who lived on my floor and had a habit of ruining the fun like breaking a beer bottle at one end of our 40 foot beer slide) threw a snowball and broke a window.

For some reason campus security didn’t take this well and sent a unit to break it up.

The ex-football player waved his flashlight and yelled at us to HALT!

Some 60+ remaining people simultaneously stopped, turned and threw snowballs at the security SUV and the security team.

Once the bombardment ended, we ran like hell. At this point, university security and the local cops started a manhunt for us and put the dorms under security lockdown. Many of us fled through the streets of Kingston as cops and security fanned out to chase us down.

I ran through/hid in back alleys and side streets for a good three hours. Nearly got caught by a foot patrol of University security, but I dove into a backyard and hid in a garden shed.

I didn’t get to the dorm till 1am when a sympathetic floor senior let a couple of us in.

@Dodgerblue: Unions. If he’s like half of the SFPD, he calls in sick during his shifts but then works overtime to pick-up his buddy’s shifts when they call in sick, so they can all make more than time and a half.

Reminds me of the favorite t-shirt of city cops: Operation Ghetto Storm. Displays the title over a picture of a helicopter hovering over a burning city. They must like to wear them under their uniforms.

Send assholes like this to northern Afghanistan if they want to think they are at war.

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