So I worked all weekend, the Jets lost (and ended their season), and I will probably watch the Vikings-Carolina matchup at 8:20 and get pissed off all over again because Brett Favre couldn’t bother to throw a few completions and get the Jets into the playoffs last year.  So this is all I have:


Clap clap clap clap!

I have a video of this song from a concert in Spain as a favorite on YouTube. I’ll bet Chris Matthews doesn’t like this song since Leonard Cohen is just some anonymous guy expressing his opinion.

Didn’t discover LC until I was in my 30s, but glad I did. Icon, personified.

Only one of the best songs ever.

It reminds you, or at least me, but I meant the universal “you,” that there is a purpose to life. And the purpose of life is more clear and more inspiring, the more you see life is a trudge through a storm of shit.

The purpose of life is to endure it, persevere, and laugh and love anyway, in the face of it, to give all the shit and horror a big “fuck you” by finding a way to laugh and love despite all the shit.

Those who might seem “lucky,” who just seem blind to the evil and horror and injustice all around, they have their form of happiness, but you know what, I think that for a person who is sensitive and sees and feels the injustice and sadness, for that person, to be able to find purpose in simply persevering, and finding the ability to still know joy and love, that is a far greater and more satisfying victory.

I love that song.

You know the reason this man in his 70s is out there touring again is because a couple of years ago his business manager stole everything he had?

Wanna hear another little something that blew my mind? Just last week, I discovered a youtube audio recording of Bruce Sprinsgteen, in his first band, The Castiles, when he was either in or just out of high school, performing. And the song was Cohen’s “Suzanne.” Made me respect Bruce more than I ever have before.

Hey I have got some photos of the blizzard, I am gonna post a linky on the facebook playground.

@Promnight: Didn’t even go out into the snow today … worked from home, and sent the GF out for supplies. I totally suck.

@blogenfreude: I paid some dudes with snowblowers to deal with the 4 foot high mountains thrown up by the plows behind my cars, 3 of them. I suck, too. If I had my druthers, I would not leave the house till it melts.

@blogenfreude: I am not ashamed, I did not discover Leonard Cohen until I heard that version of Halleluiah from Schreck, and I never saw Shrek, so that was only about a year ago, but then I went and listened to all he did, and my God, how ignorant could I be, to be completely unaware that there was this poet of the highest order, presenting his poetry in this popular form, and I was totally unaware. Thats why I was so impressed that Sprinsgteen was covering one of his songs when he was a teen, playing at the local church coffeehouse.

My favorite philosophy prof is Leonard Cohen’s cousin. Or second-cousin. Somewhere within arm’s reach.

This is the Stinque national anthem.
Prommie, check out Jeff Buckley’s version of “Hallelujah”—my favorite ever.

@Mistress Cynica: If this is the national anthem, “Won’t Get Fooled Again” should be what we sing at the ballpark in place of “God Bless (U.S.) America”.

. . . hey – shouldn’t you be off getting married or at a bachlorette party or something?

@redmanlaw: Stillers !w00t! !w00t!

(delayed crowing for a doomed season)

@Promnight: Leonard’s songs are in “McCabe and Mrs Miller,” one of my fav movies.

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