Knee-Slapper of the Day

Twist and Shout.Megan McArdle at the Atlantic:

No matter how furious Democrats are, they are not going to punish him as long as he can break a filibuster for them.

Yes, Joe Lieberman’s vote on the Canadian imported-beer quota is going to be very important, and Democrats mustn’t risk his displeasure for something as inconsequential as healthcare reform.

Lieberman Stabs Health Care In The Back [Atlantic]

The Dems should have cut this asshole off at the knees after last year’s election. The so-called “leadership” must have been the only people in America stupid enough to believe that they could rely on him for fucking anything. He just lets them suck his dick then kicks them in the face anyway. Strip him of all his committee appointments and let him officially go over to the Repubs. I’m just sick of him and find myself wishing he would die slowly and painfully of some awful disease. I hate when people make me wish bad things for them.

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