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He could not be more wrong:

The more idiots like Huckabee in the GOP, the better the chances of killing off conservatism for good. Long may he wave.



I don’t undesratnd all this “big tnet” nonsense to begin with. After all, the GOP already is a big tent, ecompassing views as diverse as:

Batshit-crazy birthers
Theocratic zealots
Texas secessionists
Alaskan secessionists
Southern secessionists generally
John Birch Society members
People who think the John Birch Society has gone soft
War crazed Neocons
Torture apologists
Abortion clinic bombers
Militia members
Gun nuts generally

That’s a pretty diverse group, if you ask me

@Serolf Divad: And Larry Craig. He must never be forgotten.

The only thing that seems to unite the “conservative” movement is some kind of worship of a created image of Reagan, a vision of Saint Ronnie as some kind of white-robed deity. I so vividly remember, during a republican primary debate, one of the candidates actually called out another candidate by saying “you are not truly Reagan, I am the most Reagan candidate.”

To seriously analyze where the conservative movement is at, the largest group left is probably the christ-tards, but even this segment has shrunk, it used to comprise all the evangelicals in all those mega-churches with the guitar services and on-campus daycare and drycleaning, but the last election, the republicans started to lose a lot of these suburban evangelicals, and all they have left firmly in their camp are the full gone christ-tards, the anti-abortion fetus-worshippers and the gay-haters. The christian conservative movement has been somewhat rifted.

There are still remnants of old-fashioned country-club republicans, doctors and lawyers, middle class, relatively sane people, but Bush W actually alienated many of them, and now Palin and her army of retards are actively trying to throw them out of the party, mounting primary opponents against them, they are gone from the party, left in the wilderness, horrified by the loony fucktards and kinda lost, I know a lot of these kind, they are really lost, all they have left is Limbaugh, and he does not, really does not, provide enough of a flag for them to rally round, they take their talking points from him, but still, they are horrified and more than a bit embarrassed by the Palintard movement.

And there are the loons, which are made up of all the crazy groups you mentioned, and though they are loud and whacky, there really aren’t that many of them.

The South is all they have, the southern racist, anti-big-gubmint, anti-welfare, antitax people will re-elect and re-elect their current shithead congresspeople forever. The Republican Party these days seems to consist of the current republican members of Congress, and noone else, their constituents are fragmented among these loon groups, they have no agenda, no positive agenda except guns and god and no taxes and no welfare, except for whites and corporations.

I do really believe that the GOP is in far worse shape than is apparent from the amount of noise their loony subgroups make and the mainstream media portrayal of them as legitimate.

I think the big thing going on is this “tea party” thing. They are ignoramuses, almost all of them, totally ignorant of civics, government, politics, law, the consititution, and history. Yet they have created a simplistic shared myth, based on nothing more than sympathy with a simplistic, romanticized image of the revolutionary war “patriots.”

What do they rally behind? “Don’t Tread On Me” flags, leaders who dress in revolutionary war costumes, and the idea that the Boston Tea Party was a Reaganite anti-tax movement. Their favorite words are “tyranny” and “liberty,” revolutionary war words, and their movement, to the extent there is any semblance of a coherent statement of principles, is based on some loopy and insane analogies which hold that taxation per se is tyranny, and that the current government is like King George III. They have forgotten the words “without representation,” that “tyranny,” to the colonials, was not taxation per se, but “taxation without representation.”

They really have no coherent set of principles of governance, nor any core set of policy beliefs, its a purely emotional, incoherent movement, they are children marching around with popguns playing “Johnny Tremaine.”

But it is real, and suprisingly powerful, to the morons of society. We have all seen 100 interviews, where someone tries to simply ask them what they are for, and what they are against, and they are always, every time, completely flabbergasted, incoherent, they don’t know what they are for, the best they can do is say they are for “liberty” and “freedoms” and are against “tyranny.”

Thats no exxageration, we have a huge movement of people who believe in a jumble of words, which really have no meaning, even to them, except some warm fuzzy emotional response, somehow related to “patriotism” and the founding fathers, and revolution.

This is a phenomenon which has as yet defied definition.

Its like a form of mass hysteria, the rise of a quasi-religion, worshipping Saint Ronnie and “real amurricans” and against “tyranny.” Fools led by fools, devoid of any coherent belief system at all. Except that they are angry, and they are “patriots,” and they are against anyone who ain’t with them.

Ronald Reagan = RANDOLPH SCOTT!!!

Another dip into the Blazing Saddles Well.

@Promnight: It’s much worse. We have politicians with electoral pedigree like Fuckaboo here talking in the language that many cult churches share – in order to be authentically engaged you must be eager ‘to die for your principals.’ [See video above] Talibunny herself gave a supportive address to the AIP when any sane governor would have told them to put that toy away before they hurt themselves. This isn’t a failure of leadership, this is apocalyptic devolution.

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