Might be the worst anti-HCR spot yet:




TJ: On a very serious fucking note, Iran arrests the mothers of more than 20 people killed earlier this year at protests. Guess the mullahs realized it was the Madres de la Plaza de Mayo that brought down Pinochet.

@SanFranLefty: Protesting moms always look bad … if you’re a totalitarian regime. Or even if you’re not ….


Hopefully it will backfire. I’m sure part of the reason the Madres de la Plaza weren’t arrested (or “disappeared’) is because the Junta feared a backlash.

Oh, and as for this YouTube ad: it’s pretty fucking stupid. Shows the desperate depths the opponents of HCR are willing to sink to.

@Serolf Divad:
that is the lamest stupidest thing I have seen in a long time.
the term desperate comes to mind.

I saw an old white guy in a Lexus with a bumper sticker that said “conservative in exile”–he was in the Kroger parking lot–in OH–next to my liberal mobile. WTF does that mean? My 15 yo daughter asked me and I couldn’t explain it.

I have family members with that bumber sticker. it means they are not in charge. for a change.
imagine how crazy they would be if a real liberal ever got elected president.

@al2o3cr: “Socialest?” “Mavrik?” Oh my, its too good.

See the one old dude had drawn little pictures of pitchforks and torches, the traditional weapons of the rampaging peasantry.

As much as an old white guy driving a Lexus in this country is ever NOT in charge? I call bullshit. Perhaps a real liberal would compel such people to move to Utah or SC or somewhere where they really could be in exile and secede…

bullshit. indeed.
I think they feel alienated because the president can make a coherent sentence. Bush really convinced these people that he, ivy league educated conn. yankee, was one of them.
what a fucking joke.

Wow, really guys? “I guess I am a racist!” shots, one after the other, featuring all the casting reels you solicited? They couldn’t even bother to pay the actors.


Isn’t that Sting song – “They Dance Alone” about them? The Madres I mean?

Gah, injustice breaks your heart, doesn’t it?

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